Instructor Support

Do you have a question or need assistance? We are here to help! Review the statements below to learn where to direct your inquiry.


I would like to request a desk or inspection copy.


I requested a desk or inspection copy of a book and have not received it – where is my order?


I have a question about shipping logistics, payment, or credit.


My bookstore informed me that the book I want is backordered. What should I do?



I am having trouble ordering or accessing an e-book.


Is the book I am interested in currently available as an e-book, or will it be in the future?


Book Content

I am looking for a book for my course and need a recommendation.


I am considering using a book in my course. Can I see a chapter of the book before I make my decision?


Will there soon be a new edition of the book I am considering for my course?


Companion Websites & Instructor Resources

I want to request access to the companion website for a Routledge or CRC Press book.

Visit the book’s page and complete the form to request access. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email from us with more information about activating your account.

I have received an email about activating my account for a Routledge or CRC Press companion website but I cannot log in, or I am having trouble creating my account.


I want to request access to a Garland Science instructor resource.

Visit the Garland Science instructor resources registration page to request access.

Special Requests

I work in a public high school and would like a quote on purchasing books for my students in bulk.

Contact George Kenney, Account Manager – Special Sales, at

I am placing a bulk book order (not through a bookstore) and would like to discuss the possibility of a discount.

Contact Charles Regan, Special Sales Manager, at

I am in need of an accessible version of a textbook.


Companion Website Access Instructions

If you need additional assistance with accessing a Companion Website, read our access instruction guides below.