Eye On Education August Authors of the Month!

Congratulations Bryan Harris and Lisa Bradshaw! Read their interview here and find out more about their new book Battling Boredom, Part 2!


"It’s pretty simple, really. We both love to share effective student engagement strategies. We are passionate about making learning relevant, memorable, and fun for students. Since we are on a constant search for effective strategies, it only makes sense for us to share what we learn. We also wanted to build on the success of the 2010 version of Battling Boredom. We’ve heard from tons of teachers from all different types of classrooms about how relevant and easy-to-use the strategies are, so we wanted to provide even more!"

"Like the 2010 version of Battling Boredom, we are tremendously proud of the large number of effective strategies we’ve compiled for Battling Boredom Part 2. However, we did something unique for the current edition. We all know that teachers should have lots of strategies in their “toolbox,” but few of us ever discuss what strategies might need to be removed. We hardly ever talk about those strategies (even ones that have been around a long time) that probably are not getting our students to experience true, authentic engagement. As a result, the last section of the book discusses strategies and approaches that we should stop using in the classroom. We call these “zombie strategies” (because, despite no evidence that they actually help kids learn, they refuse to die)."

"Bryan recently had the privilege of working with a group of middle school boys on topics ranging from how the brain pays attention to how to develop self-control. As he was preparing for one of the sessions, one of the students entered the classroom and asked, “So, you’re a doctor right?” After Bryan assured him that he was indeed a doctor, the student then followed up with, “Can you write me a prescription for a fidget spinner?” Unfortunately, Bryan had to tell the student that he wasn’t that kind of doctor."

"Last school year, Lisa walked into a classroom of a teacher she had worked closely with to integrate technology in the most effective, engaging ways. After being introduced to the class, a few of the students came up to give her hugs, telling her with great enthusiasm, “Thank you for teaching our teacher!” They were so excited to know that their own teacher was learning and trying new ideas and strategies, just as they were learning new things each day. It was such a great reminder of how important it is for us as educators to not just continue learning, but to ensure our students know that we are also constantly learning and trying new things. This experience was a great reminder of the amazing effect we have not only helping teachers in their growth as educators, but also to see and hear how we are inspiring students."

Bryan – "Passion."

Lisa – "Inspire."

Check out Battling Boredom, Part 2!

Battling Boredom Part 2

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