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Conferences & Events

Taylor & Francis is on the move! We use conferences to help us stay involved (and interact face-to-face) in the library conversation. Visit us at one of the upcoming conferences we’ll be attending – see you there!

Upcoming Conferences & Events

UKSG Annual Conference

Glasgow, UK | April 9th – 11th

California Academic and Research Libraries

Redwood City California, USA | April 13th – 15th

INFO Conference

Tel Aviv, Israel | May 14th – 16th


Salvador, Brazil | April 15th – 20th


Antalya, Turkey | April 17th – 20th

DEFF Online (Denmark's Electronic Research Library)

Copenhagen, Denmark | April 19th – 20th


Prague, Czech Republic | May 29th – 30th


Galway, Ireland | May 30th – 31st

Special Library Association

Baltimore, USA | June 10th – 13th

Leipziger Kongress für Information und Bibliothek / German Libraries Day

Berlin, Germany | June 12th – 15th

ALA American Library Association

New Orleans, USA | June 21st – 26th

LIBER Conference

Lille, France | July 4th – 6th

Australian Library & Information Association (ALIA) Information Online Conference

Queensland, Australia | July 30th – 2nd August

84th IFLA General Conference and Assembly

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | August 24th – 30th

Sharjah International Book Fair

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates | October 31st – November 10th

Charleston Conference

Charleston, USA | November 5th – 9th

Read the latest White Papers launched at the 2016 and 2017 Charleston Conference.

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