1st Edition

Absolute Essentials of Marketing Research

By Bonita M. Kolb Copyright 2022

    This short textbook provides students with a concise yet comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of marketing research.

    Mapped closely to the structure of a typical Marketing Research module, the book takes the student through the full process, from developing the hypothesis and setting the research question, to developing and conducting the research, and finally to analysing the data and making recommendations. Each chapter starts with an essential summary and ends with discussion questions that can be used as a teaching resource. Worksheets are also provided as a supplementary resource, which can be used to build a marketing research plan.

    Focused on the core aspects of the subject, this is a perfect complement to the larger texts available, suitable for any undergraduate or postgraduate Marketing Research module.

    1. Understanding the Research Process

    2. Developing a Hypothesis and Research Question

    3. Conducting Secondary Research

    4. Determining the Research Sample

    5. Writing Quantitative Research Surveys

    6. Conducting Qualitative Focus Groups

    7. Utilizing Interviews, Observation, and Projective Techniques

    8. Analysing Research Results

    9. Preparing Written and Oral Reports


    Bonita M. Kolb is Professor Emeritus of Business Administration at Lycoming College, USA, and is currently researching the hospitality sector in St. Augustine, Florida.