1st Edition

Acquiring, Processing, and Deploying Voice of the Customer

By M. Larry Shillito Copyright 2001
    296 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Do you want a better understanding of who your customers are? Do you want to learn how to acquire the customer voice? The next decade will be the decade of the customer. Meeting their wants, needs, and desires better than anyone else will be paramount to your organization's success. Acquiring, Processing, and Deploying Voice of the Customer gives you the tools you need to develop a Voice of the Customer (VOC) plan from beginning to end.

    Shillito describes the delicate customer-company balance. He covers the various components types of VOC such as voice of the company, voice of the designer/engineer, and voice of marketing that must be integrated through the use of an interdisciplinary team to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for the enterprise. The author not only discusses VOC but also includes a hybrid model - Customer Oriented Product Concepting (COPC) - for deploying VOC into a product or service design that balances the needs of the customer with the needs of the enterprise.

    All of these elements go into developing a successful VOC process. However, timing is key. Shillito presents a step-by-step template for integrating VOC into the fuzzy front end of the commercialization process. He demonstrates how product development teams can get an early focus and stay on course during the commercialization process. The book provides a set of breakthrough tools that may be used to obtain and deploy VOC.

    The most comprehensive VOC guide available, Acquiring, Processing, and Deploying Voice of the Customer provides you with the techniques required to shape a product or service so that their elements balance customer and company needs while being affordable to both. It describes qualitative and quantitative processes integrated into a system to determine the customer's wants and how you can meet them. The new methods found in this book will put you ahead of your competition and ahead of the crowd.

    The World of VOC
    Company and Customer Focus
    Collecting VOC
    Interpretation and Translation of VOC
    Structuring Customer Data
    Quantifying Structured VOC
    VOC Integration
    Deploying VOC
    Tracking VOC into the Future
    The VOC System-A Seasoned Perspective
    Appendix A: VOC Forms
    Appendix B: Kano Collection and Interpretation Method
    Appendix C: Customer Oriented Product Concepting (COPC)
    Appendix D: VOC Example (3-hole punch)
    Appendix E: Bibliography, Quality Function Development


    M. Larry Shillito

    "Voice of the Customer properly acquired and deployed using the Customer Oriented Concepting Process (COPC) has been a powerful combination for us. Properly deployed at the front end of the commercialization process, VOC and COPC allowed us to make decisions faster and right as well as establish a core platform for the future. This book provides the framework and logical sequence of these tools."-Richard Tetro, Vice President-Technical Director, Black Clawson Converting Machinery, LLC.

    "Understanding customers' needs and wants is a key success factor for new product commercialization. The techniques described in this book enable the distillation of customer data into information useful to the product development team. Having used many of these techniques, I have found them to be best applied in the earliest stages of product planning and development and significantly enhance the effectiveness of other Best Practices such as Value Engineering, Design for X and FMEA."-Chris Tsai, Project Manager, Six Sigma Black Belt, Eastman Kodak Company

    Richard Tetro, Vice President-Technical Director, Black Clawson Converting Machinery, LLC.