1st Edition

Advancing Sexual Consent and Agential Practices in Higher Education Toward a New Community of Practice

By Jason A. Laker, Erica M. Boas Copyright 2024
    348 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    348 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book provides an in-depth exploration of sexual consent communication and negotiation practices among students and efforts to prevent and respond to sexual coercion and violence within the context of North American higher education institutions.

    Delving into the complexities of communication around sexual consent, it examines how factors such as identity, early learning experiences, societal norms, and coercive elements influence interactions among young adult postsecondary students. It emphasizes the importance of agency in intimate settings and how this is shaped by these factors. The methodology employed in this decade-long research is innovative and interview-based, providing a rich narrative from student perspectives.  These narratives serve to highlight the intricate interplay between individual agency and societal expectations in intimate situations. The book also incorporates valuable insights from other experts in the field. These contributions serve to contextualize the study’s findings within the broader theoretical framework and research on the subject. This approach not only enriches the descriptions of the study but also provides a more holistic understanding of the topic. As such, the book ultimately helps to inform educational policies and professional practices to promote sexual agency and address pressing issues such as sexual coercion, violence, and assault on campus.

    This volume will appeal to researchers and stakeholders in higher education, including educators, upper-level students, professional practitioners, and parents. In doing so, it contributes to the conversation around creating a safer and more respectful environment in higher education institutions.

    Introduction: Researching Sexual Consent Communication
    Jason A. Laker

    Childhood Lessons and the Social Organization of Sexuality
    Erica M. Boas

    Baseline Research on Sexual Beliefs and Experiences within Collegiate Culture: Lessons in Context
    Jason A. Laker and Erica M. Boas

    It Just Happened: Excavating the Yada Yada and Realpolitiks of Collegiate Sexual Encounters
    Jason A. Laker and Erica M. Boas

    Navigating Race in Sexual Decision-Making
    Erica M. Boas

    Collegiate Sexual Consent in Practice and Affordances of Insurgent Knowledge
    Jason A. Laker

    Methodological Musings: Mindful Engagement of Sexual Consent, Coercion, Violence, and Other Messy Social Problems
    Jason A. Laker

    The Complexities of Consent with Men Who Experience Gender-Based Violence
    Daniel Tillapaugh

    Context Matters: Locating Sexual Violence Education within an Ecological Framework
    Daniel Brisebois and Kathleen Clarke

    Advancing Institutional Policies and Practices for Gender-Based Violence: Walking the Walk
    Jennifer Massey and Lesley D'Souza

    To Prevent and Reduce Men’s Sexual Violence Against Women, We Must Challenge Common Social Norms of Masculinity and Masculine Sexuality
    Michael Flood

    Living Masculinities with Authenticity: Engaging Male Students to Lead Examined and Better Lives
    Dan Hirsch

    Beyond “Yes” or “No”? Understanding the Complexity of Sexual Consent and Refusal Communication
    Tiffany Marcantonio, Jennifer Littlejohn and Malachi Willis

    What Cuddle Parties Taught Us About Consent, and What They Forgot to Mention
    Beth Lesen

    The Players and the Game: A Practitioner’s Guide to Coercion, Manipulation, and Other Behaviors Associated with Sexual Offending
    Emily Knight Shier

    Reflections on Sexual Assault College, Consent, False Accusations and Other Difficult Issues: In Conversation with Alan Berkowitz
    Alan Berkowitz and Jason A. Laker

    Finding Hope and Growing Change: Student Activism on Gender-based Violence in Canada    
    Ziyana Kotadia, Aubrianna Snow, Emily Rosser and Chantelle Spicer

    Undressing Consent: A Pleasurable Approach to Learning About Consent, Rejection, and Sexual Violence
    Erin Anderson and AnnaLise Trudell

    I Want It to Be Me in That Room: Institutional Betrayal, Identity Intersections, and Healing Centered Responses to Sexual Misconduct
    Leighia Eleanor J. Fleming

    Erica M. Boas


    Jason A. Laker, PhD, is Professor of Higher Education, Student Affairs, and Community Development and Chair of the Department of Counselor Education at San José State University, where he previously served as Vice President for Student Affairs. 

    Erica M. Boas, PhD, is a mother, independent researcher on sexuality, race, and education, and former elementary school teacher. The main objective of her research is to inform new approaches toward the elimination of various forms of gender and sexual violence in and out of schools.