1st Edition

Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design

By Peter Vink Copyright 2011
    134 Pages 107 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    134 Pages
    by CRC Press

    What should every airline and manufacturer know about comfort?
    What can we learn from studies in the scientific literature?
    What do most passengers know about comfort and how can we translate that into interior design?
    Where can I find the latest knowledge and research useful for designing aircraft seats?

    Although the answers to these questions are available, they have often been hard to find. Until now. Based on studies conducted by the author and the latest knowledge on comfort, Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design links scientific research on customer likes and dislikes with technical know-how of aircraft interior design. It contains theoretical information on comfort gathered directly from the voice of the passenger, specific tips and photographs on passenger likes and dislikes, and an overview of the latest scientific demands for passenger seats.

    Presenting the results of current research and development in the aircraft interior industry, this book provides insight that, when applied to the daily work of managing the passenger experience, can lead to further improvements. The author makes the case for using improved comfort as a selling tool and identifies new opportunities for comfort improvement in the different phases of the passenger experience. He demonstrates how by optimizing the passengers’ senses at each phase, you can design comfort back into flying.

    What Every Manufacturer and Airline Should Know about Comfort
    Two Comfort Stories
    Role of Comfort in Sales
    The Difficulty of Making People Feel Comfortable
    The Good News: It Is Possible to Make People
    Feel More Comfortable
    Comfort Theory
    Comfort Manifestations
    Persons Influencing the Input

    Other Aircraft Interior Comfort Studies
    Lack of Many Substantial Studies on Aircraft Comfort
    A Classic Study
    German Study on Aircraft Interior Comfort
    A Study Regarding Service, Perceived Value, and Satisfaction in Taiwan
    A German Study of Noise
    A Dutch Study Regarding Aircraft Interior Comfort
    A U.S. Study Regarding Passenger Experience
    Some Conclusions

    The Voices of over 10,000 Customers
    Technology versus Passenger
    Innovations Have Their Effects
    Study Methodology

    New Demands for Aircraft Seats Based on Recent Research
    Using Research for Seat Design
    Seat Design and Health
    Aircraft Seats Should Fit
    Pitch Watchers
    Designing an Aircraft Seat Is Difficult
    Ideal Pressure Distribution
    Seating and Shear Forces
    Comfort and Seating
    Specific Dynamic Seat Characteristics
    Comfort and "Wow"
    Feet Off the Ground
    Backrest Angle
    Seating and Electronics
    Other Features: Headrests and Massage
    Opportunity for Designers

    The Ultra Comfortable Flight Experience
    The Flight Experience

    Illustrations and Comments on Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design
    Leg room
    Luggage Room
    Other Illustrations
    Business Class

    Book Summary


    Peter Vink