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Analytics and AI for Healthcare

About the Series

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics are increasingly being applied to various healthcare settings. AI and analytics are salient to facilitate better understanding and identifying key insights from healthcare data in many areas of practice and enquiry in healthcare including at the genomic, individual, hospital, community and/or population levels.

The Chapman&Hall/CRC Press Analytics and AI in Healthcare Series aims to help professionals upskill and leverage the techniques, tools, technologies and tactics of analytics and AI to achieve better healthcare delivery, access and outcomes.

The series covers all areas of analytics and AI as applied to healthcare. It will look at critical areas including: prevention, prediction, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, rehabilitation and survivorship.

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Series Editor
Nilmini Wickramasinghe
[email protected]

Chapman&Hall/CRC Editor
George Knott
[email protected]

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Digital Health A Primer

Digital Health: A Primer

1st Edition

By Nilmini Wickramasinghe
April 15, 2024

Healthcare systems globally are grappling with how best to implement effective and efficient patient-centred care while simultaneously trying to contain runaway costs and provide high quality. This book explores the essential enabling role of digital health, taking a socio-technical perspective and...

Dimensions of Intelligent Analytics for Smart Digital Health Solutions

Dimensions of Intelligent Analytics for Smart Digital Health Solutions

1st Edition

Edited By Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Freimut Bodendorf, Mathias Kraus
March 01, 2024

This title demystifies artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, upskilling individuals (healthcare professionals, hospital managers, consultants, researchers, students, and the population at large) around analytics and AI as it applies to healthcare. This book shows how the tools, techniques, ...

Translational Application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - A Textbook

Translational Application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: - A Textbook

1st Edition

Edited By Sandeep Reddy
December 11, 2023

In the era of 'Algorithmic Medicine', the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare holds immense potential to address critical challenges faced by the industry.  Drawing upon the expertise and experience of the authors in medicine, data science, medical informatics, ...

Data Driven Science for Clinically Actionable Knowledge in Diseases

Data Driven Science for Clinically Actionable Knowledge in Diseases

1st Edition

Edited By Daniel Catchpoole, Simeon Simoff, Paul Kennedy, Quang Vinh Nguyen
December 06, 2023

Data-driven science has become a major decision-making aid for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Computational and visual analytics enables effective exploration and sense making of large and complex data through the deployment of appropriate data science methods, meaningful visualisation and...

Data Analysis in Medicine and Health using R

Data Analysis in Medicine and Health using R

1st Edition

By Kamarul Imran Musa, Wan Nor Arifin Wan Mansor, Tengku Muhammad Hanis
September 12, 2023

Data analysis plays a vital role in guiding medical treatment plans, patient care, and the formulation of control and prevention policies in the field of healthcare. In today's era, researchers in these domains require a firm grasp of data, statistical concepts, and programming skills due to the ...

Explainable AI in Healthcare Unboxing Machine Learning for Biomedicine

Explainable AI in Healthcare: Unboxing Machine Learning for Biomedicine

1st Edition

Edited By Mehul S Raval, Mohendra Roy, Tolga Kaya, Rupal Kapdi
July 17, 2023

This book combines technology and the medical domain. It covers advances in computer vision (CV) and machine learning (ML) that facilitate automation in diagnostics and therapeutic and preventive health care. The special focus on eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) uncovers the black box of ...

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