1st Edition

Apoptosis Modern Insights into Disease from Molecules to Man

Edited By Victor R. Preedy Copyright 2010

    Targeting the key active elements in the mechanism and application of apoptosis and its therapeutic implications, Apoptosis: Modern Insights into Disease from Molecules to Man covers apoptosis from A to Z. Comprehensive in scope, it explores a wide range of topics including various cancers, asthma, and multiple sclerosis as well as alcohol induced liver disease, chronic back pain, and cardiovascular health. With 40 chapters written by highly respected authorities, this single source reference provides researchers and scientists with the foundation they need.

    Apoptotic Pathways in Mitochondria: Ozgur Kutuk & Huveyda Basaga
    Human Genetic Defects in Apoptosis Pathways and Processes: Jeremiah C. Davis et al.
    Polyphenols and Apoptosis: Claudio Giovannini et al.
    How Caspase Proteases Regulate Cell Fate: Carol Evans & Lynn Megeney
    Role of Calpain in Apoptotic Process Involved in Neurodegen-erative Diseases: Natalia Crespo-Biel et al.
    TNF-related Apoptosis-inducing Ligand (TRAIL): Simone Fulda
    The Role of Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress in Mediating the Apoptotic Effect of Selenium Compounds: Hidemi Rikiishi & Maiko Suzuki
    Nuclear Steroid Receptors in Apoptosis: Joana D. Amaral et al.
    Mitochondrial Morphological Dynamics in Apoptosis: Craig Brooks & Zheng Dong
    Apoptotic Cell Uptake and Degradation: Leanne E. Clift et al.
    Apoptosis in Skeletal Muscle Health and Conditions of Muscle Wasting: Stephen E. Alway
    Apoptosis in the Spinal Column—Its Understanding will help Develop Strategies for the Treatment of Chronic Back Pain: A.D. Diwan
    Apoptosis in the Liver: Ying-Hong Shi et al.
    Apoptosis in Alcoholic Liver Disease: D. Gyamfi et al.
    Pancreatic Beta-cell Apoptosis: Dan S. Luciani & James D. Johnson
    Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis: J.M. Matés et al.
    Apoptosis in Lung Cancer: Shou Wei Han & Jesse Roman
    Inhibition of Apoptosis in Leukemia: BCR-ABL Induced Leukemogenesis: Rajan Dewar & Roya Khosravi-Far
    Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer: Zongwei Wang et al.
    Apoptosis and Colorectal Cancer: S.G. Prabhudesai et al.
    Apoptosis and Vascular Disease: Vyacheslav A. Korshunov
    Apoptosis in Coronary Artery Disease and Reperfusion Injury: Detection, Non-cardiomyocytes and Therapeutic Strategies: Tousoulis D. et al.
    Potassium Channels and Apoptosis: Application to Pulmonary Vascular Disease: Amy L. Firth et al.
    Molecular Regulation of Apoptosis Signaling Pathways in Heart: Rimpy Dhingra et al.
    Potential Exercise Mitigation and Regulation of Age-induced Apoptosis and Remodeling in the Heart: John M. Lawler & Hyo-Bum Kwak
    Apoptosis in Asthma: Fernando Maria de Benedictis et al.
    Apoptosis in Lung Diseases: Kazuyoshi Kuwano et al.
    Apoptotic Mechanisms Involved in Neurological Disorders: Anna Maria Colangelo & Lilia Alberghina
    Apoptosis Signaling Pathways, Neuronal Death and Epilepsy: David C. Henshall
    Apoptotic Mechanisms in Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Opportunities: Andrea L.O. Hebb et al.
    Neutrophil Apoptosis and its Involvement in Inflammation and Infection: Fabien Loison & Hongbo R. Luo
    Apoptosis in HIV/AIDS: Andrea Cossarizza
    Apoptosis in Immunosenescence: Lia Ginaldi & Massimo De Martinis
    Apoptosis in Autoimmunity: Eleni Maniati et al.
    Apoptosis in Lupus: Kerstin Sarter et al.
    The Bax Inhibitor-1 (BI-1) Family in Apoptosis: Kerstin Reimers & Peter M. Vogt
    Targeting Inhibitor of Apoptosis (IAP) Proteins in Cancer: Eugene Varfolomeev & Domagoj Vucic
    Morphological and Cytochemical Methods for the Identification of Cell Death by Apoptosis: Douglas J. Taatjes et al.
    Quantification of Apoptosis: Glenda Gobe & Clay Winterford
    Proteomic Screening in Apoptosis: Grégory Tufo et al.


    Victor R. Preedy

    The strengths of this book lie in its encyclopedic coverage of the topic material, as well as in its currency: the considerable majority of references cited are from the past ten years. The rapid evolution of this field is invariably a downside to a static compendium of knowledge such as Apoptosis, but at the moment, it will serve as an excellent resource for anyone who requires a thorough grounding in the biology and physiology of apoptosis.
    —Robert Korneluk, The Quarterly Review of Biology, Volume 87, 2012