1st Edition

Beyond the Balanced Scorecard Improving Business Intelligence with Analytics

By Mark Graham Brown Copyright 2007
    252 Pages
    by Productivity Press

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    Improve the "Health" of Your Organization by Using the Right Metrics!

    The vast majority of companies use some form of balanced scorecard  to measure performance measu, yet recent research suggests that most scorecards are based on singular, unsophisticated measurements, providing flawed data on the state of the organization.

    Beyond the Balanced Scorecard: Improving Business Intelligence with Analytics, by Mark Graham Brown, provides managers with the right metrics for evaluating important aspects of performance that are not accurately tracked by most companies and government organizations.

    Leaders will learn how to objectively measure:

  • Relationships with Customers
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • External Business Environment
  • Supplier/Vendor performance
  • Strategy and Financials
  • This book will show you how to construct a performance index, as well as provide you with example metrics of various aspects of performance that are difficult to measure.

    Chapter 1: Beyond First-Generation Balanced Scorecards
    Chapter 2: Analytics: A New Way of Tracking Organizational Performance
    Chapter 3: The Analytics-Based Scorecard: Adding More Business Intelligence to Your Metrics
    Chapter 4: Customer Relationship Analytics: Meaningful Metrics that Predict Loyalty
    Chapter 5: External Analytics: Quantifying Factors that Can Make or Break Your Business
    Chapter 6: People Analytics: Measuring Your Most Important Asset
    Chapter 7: Operational Analytics: Key Internal Metrics of Quality, Productivity, Timeliness, and Innovation
    Chapter 8: Strategic and Financial Metrics: Measuring What Really Matters
    Chapter 9: Beyond the Balanced Scorecard: From Performance Measurement to Performance Management
    Final Thoughts


    Mark Graham Brown

    Measuring results is not easy, but doing it right and doing it well is a mandatory prerequisite to improving performance. One size does not fit all. If you want to get better at knowing how you are doing, then read this book and put Mark's insightful guidelines to work for your company. It will provide the best payback on an investment that you will ever get!
    --Brent Armstrong, Vice President Energy, Environment & Health Services, EG&G Technical Services 11/20/06

    Mark Graham Brown's latest book continues to advance the effectiveness of metrics in business and government. Beyond the Balanced Scorecard describes both the underlying concepts of metrics, and the implementation of these concepts in actual use today. The Navy's carrier maintenance community continually improves their execution of highly complex aircraft carrier overhauls using Mr. Brown's metrics concepts to measure long-standing improvement efforts with 'cold, hard facts.' We rely on Mr. Brown's 'analytics' as an integral part of our efforts.
    --Dr. Jerry Blanton, AMSEC, Co-Founder, Carrier Team One 11/20/06