1st Edition

Biological Approaches to Rational Drug Design

Edited By David B. Weiner, William V. Williams Copyright 1994

    This book exploits an understanding of disease pathogenesis by applying a variety of biological agents to therapy. It provides a broad overview of the current methodologies being applied to biological approaches to rational drug design and in depth analyses of progress in this specific field.

    Identifying Lead Peptides from Epitope Libraries, J.K. Scott
    Interleukin-1 Receptor Pathway Approaches to Drug Design, H.M. Einspahr, B.C. Finzel, and D.E. Tracey
    The Hematopoietic Colony-Stimulating Factors, K. Kaushansky
    Monoclonal Antibodies: Technical Development and Therapeutic Indications, M.R. Dalesandro, M.E. Sanders, and J.A. Lipani
    T Cell Receptor-Based Therapy of Autoimmune Diseases, T. Ramanujam and W.V. Williams
    Oligosaccharide Pharmaceuticals, S. Roth and D. Zopf
    Gene Therapy, J.D. Boyer and D.B. Weiner
    Antisense Deoxynucleotides and Ribozymes: Mechanisms of Action and Potential in Gene Therapy, S.K. Shore and E.P. Reddy


    David B. Weiner (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA) (Edited by) , William V. Williams (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia,) (Edited by)