1st Edition

Blended and Online Learning for Global Citizenship New Technologies and Opportunities for Intercultural Education

By William Hunter, Roger Austin Copyright 2021
    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    By showcasing international, European, and community-based projects, this volume explores how online technologies and collaborative and blended learning can be used to bolster social cohesion and increase students’ understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

    With the pace of technology rapidly increasing, Blended and Online Learning for Global Citizenship draws timely attention to the global lessons being learned from the impact of these technologies on peace building, community development, and acceptance of difference. In-depth case studies showcasing successful projects in Europe, Northern Ireland, and Israel explore blended learning and illustrate how schools and educators have embraced online technologies to foster national and international links both within and beyond communities. This has, in turn, equipped students with experiences that have informed their attitudes to cultural and political conflicts, as well as racial, ethnic, and social diversity.

    Building on the authors’ previous work Online Learning and Community Cohesion (2013), this thought-provoking text will be of interest to researchers, academics, and postgraduate students in the fields of international and comparative education. Educators and school leaders concerned with how multiculturalism and technology play out in the classroom environment will also benefit from reading this text.

    1. Blended Learning in an Age of Conflict

    William J. Hunter, Roger Austin and Rhiannon Turner

    2. Shared Education in Northern Ireland: Systemic Change through Blended Learning

    Roger Austin, Rhiannon Turner, Sammy Taggart, and Mairead Davidson

    3. Lessons Learned from 15 Years of Multicultural Online Collaborative Learning in Israel

    Asmaa Ganayem, Elaine Hoter, and Miri Shonfeld

    4. Building Cultural Awareness and Understanding in Europe’s Schools: Insights from the European Commission’s eTwinning Programme

    Conor Galvin, Roger Austin, Elena Revyakina, and Anne McMorrough

    5. International Links and Global Citizenship

    William J. Hunter and Roger Austin

    6. Blended and Online Collaborative Learning for Citizenship in Catalonia, Spain

    Andrés Besolí, Roger Austin, and William J. Hunter

    7. Promises Fulfilled and Challenges Ahead

    Roger Austin and William J. Hunter



    William J. Hunter is Professor of Education at Ontario Tech University, Canada and Professor Emeritus at the University of Calgary, Canada.

    Roger Austin is Emeritus Professor of Education at Ulster University, Northern Ireland.

    "This project strikes a balance between research and practice making this an appealing read to many audiences. The rich and detailed descriptions of projects allow practitioners to consider ways in which they could implement similar initiatives. The models for implementing and evaluations the success of blended and online projects are appealing to researchers. […] This book left me filled with hope and appreciate for the promise of online and blended learning environments constructed through critical pedagogical lenses to serve as a platform for a just and equitable future" – Leah Graves Wolf, Educational Studies