1st Edition

Brands and Brand Management Contemporary Research Perspectives

Edited By Barbara Loken, Rohini Ahluwalia Copyright 2010
    344 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    344 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Very few books exist that meaningfully integrate the rich and vast body of scientific research and theories that have accumulated in the field, relating to both traditional and contemporary topics in branding. This book accomplishes that task, with contributions from leading experts in the science of branding, national and international.  The book should appeal to all students, faculty, and marketing professionals with an interest in research findings about brands, and an interest in deepening their understanding of how consumers view brands.

    K. Keller, Foreword. C. Haugtvedt, Series Foreword. B. Loken, R. Ahluwalia, M.J. Houston, Preface. Part 1. Overview. B. Loken, R. Ahluwalia, M.J. Houston, The Science of Branding: Introductory Chapter. Part 2. Managing and Leveraging Brands. B. Loken, C. Joiner, M.J. Houston, Leveraging a Brand Through Brand Extension: A Review of Two Decades of Research. A. Rao, Brand Alliances. R. Ahluwalia, A. Kaikati, Traveling the Paths to Brand Loyalty. Z. Gurhan-Canli, A. Fries, Branding and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Part 3. Cultural, Sociological, and Global Branding Perspectives. C. Torelli, H.T. Keh, C. Chiu, Cultural Symbolism of Brands. T.C. O’Guinn, A.M. Muniz, Jr., Towards a Sociological Model of Brands. Part 4. New Directions in Measurement of Brand Equity. C.W. Park, D.J. MacInnis, X. Dreze, J. Lee, Measuring Brand Equity: The Marketing Surplus and Efficiency (MARKSURE) Based Brand Equity. B. Shiv, A. Bechara, Revisiting the Customer Value Proposition: The Power of Brand Emotion. T. Erdem, J. Swait, Utility-Based Models of Brand Equity. Part 5. Protecting Brands. B. Loken, D. Roedder John, When Do Bad Things Happen to Good Brands? Understanding External and Internal Sources of Brand Dilution. S. Baird, Brands and Trademarks: The Legal Implications of Branding.


    Barbara Loken is Professor of Marketing at the Carlson School, University of Minnesota. She is a recognized expert in the fields of branding and consumer psychology. She received her Ph.D. in social psychology at the University of Illinois and is currently both a professor in the marketing department and an adjunct professor in the psychology department at the University of Minnesota. She has published extensively on branding topics in leading marketing and consumer psychology journals. She has served as associate editor for the premiere consumer marketing journal, Journal of Consumer Research, has served on the editorial boards of leading consumer marketing journals, and has received national media attention for her research.

    Rohini Ahluwalia is Professor of Marketing at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. She is well-known for her persuasion-based research in branding and advertising. Her work has been published in leading scholarly journals and reported in several national and international media outlets such as National Public Radio, New York Times, and CBS News. She serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Consumer Research, and has been named to the Editorial Review Boards of several other leading marketing journals. She received her Ph.D. from the Ohio State University.

    Michael J. Houston is Ecolab-Pierson M. Grieve Chair in International Marketing at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois. He is a former editor of the Journal of Marketing Research and has served on the editorial boards of other leading marketing journals. He has published extensively in the area of consumer behavior. His current research focuses on cultural effects on consumer behavior, especially in the area of branding.

    "This volume reflects the work of arguably the most talented collection of brand researchers at any top business school in the world, as well as contributions of other leading branding thought leaders from organizations. It offers perspectives and insights that will be vital to successful brand management in the future. Specifically, it addresses branding topics that have been of enduring interest (brand extensions and brand alliances) as well as topics that have become increasingly more important in recent years (corporate social responsibility and brand emotions) It provides alternative perspectives on brands and their meaning, measurements, management and protection." - Kevin Lane Keller, E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth University, Internationally known branding expert and author of "Strategic Brand Management"

    "This cutting edge volume offers an authoritative approach to understanding the science of branding. The chapters from top experts on branding mine the best research from a range of disciplines, providing fascinating insights for scholars and managers alike. If you have ever wondered how to design successful brand alliances, how to cultivate brand loyalty among consumers, how brands develop symbolic meanings, and why some brands become "cultural icons" then read this book!" - Sharon Shavitt, Walter H. Stellner Professor of Marketing University of Illinois, President-Elect Association for Consumer Research

    "This book provides a nice balance of reflective academic perspectives on brands (especially the psychological aspects underlying brands) and their management along with a clear recognition of the challenges and demands faced by contemporary practitioners.  Well accomplished chapter authors provide a succinct review of the current state of knowledge of various aspects of brands.  The authors also provide an agenda for future research and the areas of collaboration between academics and practitioners."- Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Department of Marketing, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University (quote from the Series Foreword)                                                

    "A wonderfully comprehensive examination of brands from a cultural, analytical and emotional perspective"- John Gerzema, author of "The Brand Bubble" and Chief Insights officer, Young and Rubicam Group                                                 

    "The novelty of the book is to address branding from a research perspective. This is an impressive list of contributors and the book is very comprehensive in its scope." - Mark Batey, author of "Brand Meaning"