1st Edition

Brands and Consumers A Research Overview

By Jaywant Singh, Benedetta Crisafulli Copyright 2023

    Brand management is firmly established as a core business and marketing activity. The research evidence on how consumers react to branding, however, is in constant evolution globally. This short-form book provides a comprehensive overview of research evidence on several core branding topics whilst acting as a catalyst for advancing future research and informing business practice.

    The book fills a gap created by prior volumes on branding that, although well- illustrated and explained, have often approached the subject in somewhat uncritical manner. The book represents a timely compendium on popular topics in branding and aims to be a valuable addition to knowledge in branding. The book focuses on reviewing research in branding and brand management, and proposes areas for expanding research in the field. Recognising the diversity of research in branding, the authors of this book, as active branding researchers, attempt to discuss the limitations of current research and provide insights for future explorations.

    The book will be of interest and a resource for academic researchers, branding practitioners, business students and policymakers who view branding as an evidence-oriented discipline.

    1. Introduction 2. Consumer–Brand Relationship 3. Brands and Society 4. Brand in Services 5. How Consumers Buy Brands 6. Brand Partnerships 7. New Approaches to Brand–Consumer Research


    Jaywant Singh is Professor of Marketing at Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, UK.

    Benedetta Crisafulli is Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Birkbeck, University of London, UK.

    "This book provides a much needed roadmap to the study of branding in marketing. The authors provide sensible summaries of key work in the area, and contextualise branding research within a series of appropriately defined subfields. The resulting text will be an invaluable aid for scholars of brands and the consumer, whether studying past literature or conducting their own research." Malcolm Wright, Massey University, New Zealand