1st Edition

Compendium of Bioenergy Plants Corn

Edited By Stephen L. Goldman, Chittaranjan Kole Copyright 2014
    398 Pages 8 Color & 23 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book evaluates maize as a bioenergy fuel source from two perspectives. It explores whether the input energy needed to generate fuel significantly exceeded by the energy harvested. In examining this issue, the chapters provide assessments of the social, economic, and political impact on fuel pricing, food costs, and the environmental challenge with corn biomass the engine of change. It then examines whether corn be genetically improved so that its biomass is significantly increased, its cellulose-lignin complex made more amenable to harvesting and to processing, and grown in regions not normally associated with its cultivation of food.

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    Basic Information on Maize Barry D. Solomon, James Birchler, Stephen L. Goldman and Qiong Zhang
    Basic Biological Research Relevant to Feedstock Conversion
    Roman Brunecky, Bryon S. Donohoe, Michael J. Selig, Hui Wei, Michael Resch and Michael E. Himmel
    Special Requirements: Agricultural and Industrial Infrastructure
    Luis E. Rincón, Carlos A. Cardona and Carlos E. Orrego
    Bioenergy-Related Traits and Model Systems
    Hugh Young, George Chuck and Ludmila Tyler
    Molecular Genetics of Bioenergy Traits
    Michael G. Muszynski and Marna D. Yandeau-Nelson
    Molecular Breeding for Bioenergy Traits
    Brandon Jeffrey and Thomas Lübberstedt
    Genomics Resources
    Eugenia Barros and E. Jane Morris
    Genome Sequencing: Past and Present
    W. Brad Barbazuk and Wenbin Mei
    Concerns of and Compliance to Using Corn as a Bioenergy Crop
    Siwa Msangi and Rodomiro Ortiz
    Legal and Regulatory Issues in the US Jay P. Kesan and Timothy A. Slating
    Social Issues: Biofuel Use of Corn and other Foods are Causing Malnutrition in the World
    David Pimentel and Michael N. Burgess
    Maize, Ethanol and US Policies: A Volatile Mixture
    Lehman B. Fletcher
    Future Prospects for Corn as a Biofuel Crop
    Kenneth J. Moore, Douglas L. Karlen and Kendall R. Lamkey
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    Stephen L. Goldman, Chittaranjan Kole