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Critical Concepts in Linguistics

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Routledge Critical Concepts in Linguistics series provides authoritative reprints of the discipline's best and most influential scholarship. This series looks at language from the point of view of the user, at the choices made and the constraints encountered when we use language. Edited by experts in the field, each set puts the development of fundamental concepts and themes into their historical context, as well as providing students and researchers with a snapshot of contemporary debates and current thinking.

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Comparative Grammar Critical Concepts in Linguistics

Comparative Grammar: Critical Concepts in Linguistics

1st Edition

Edited By Ian Roberts
February 26, 2007

The study of comparative grammar has long been a concern of linguistic theory. To the extent that, by studying the aspects of grammar which vary, we might arrive at an idea of what does not vary, this study can be seen as one way of studying universals of grammar. Although it has antecedents in the...



1st Edition

Edited By Robert Freidin, Howard Lasnik
September 19, 2006

This collection covers the fundamental concepts and analytic tools of generative transformational syntax of the last half century, from Chomsky's Morphophonemics of Modern Hebrew (1951) to the present day. It makes available, in one place, key published material on important areas such as phrase ...

World Englishes

World Englishes

1st Edition

Edited By Kingsley Bolton, Braj Kachru
February 06, 2006

The study of World Englishes has seen a revolutionary shift during the last twenty years. Before 1980, there was a general assumption within Britain, the United States and many other societies where English was taught, that the primary target was the 'Standard English' of Britain. However, during ...

Morphology Critical Concepts in Linguistics

Morphology: Critical Concepts in Linguistics

1st Edition

Edited By Francis Katamba
December 29, 2003

This six-volume collection draws together the most significant contributions to morphological theory and analysis which all serious students of morphology should be aware of. By comparing the stances taken by the different schools about the important issues, the reader will be able to judge the ...

Semantics Critical Concepts in Linguistics

Semantics: Critical Concepts in Linguistics

1st Edition

Edited By Javier Gutirrez-Rexach
December 22, 2003

Semantics is a key concept in linguistic theory, concerning the analysis and description of the meaning of linguistic expressions. This collection contains a selection of the most important contributions to semantic theory ranging from Gottlob Frege's essay On Sense and Reference written in 1892, ...

Lexicography Critical Concepts

Lexicography: Critical Concepts

1st Edition

Edited By R.R.K. Hartmann
September 11, 2003

Lexicography is a growing academic specialization, with both a practical and a theoretical branch, numerous perspectives, and interdisciplinary significance. This collection draws together the most important and influential work in the field of lexicography.As well as a new general introduction ...

Critical Discourse Analysis Critical Concepts in Linguistics

Critical Discourse Analysis: Critical Concepts in Linguistics

1st Edition

Edited By Michael Toolan
June 28, 2002

Over the last decade, Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) has accrued an exceptional amount of attention across a wide number of academic disciplines within the humanities and social sciences.In almost every field of human activity, we are surrounded by and caught up in a network of texts and ...

Phonology Critical Concepts

Phonology: Critical Concepts

1st Edition

Edited By Charles W. Kreidler
November 30, 2000

Phonology: Critical Concepts, the first such anthology to appear in thirty years and the largest ever published, brings together over a hundred previously published book chapters and articles from professional journals. These have been chosen for their importance in the exploration of theoretical ...

Pragmatics Critical Concepts

Pragmatics: Critical Concepts

1st Edition

Edited By Asa Kasher
January 28, 1998

This timely collection, for the first time together in one place, gives students and researchers access to the major works of the history of pragmatics and the science of language use. Readers can now critically assess the subject matter, methods, theories and applications that have shaped this ...

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