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Critical Research in Football

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The Critical Research in Football book series was launched in 2017 to showcase the inter- and multi-disciplinary breadth of debate relating to 'football'. The series defines 'football' as broader than association football, with research on rugby, Gaelic and gridiron codes also featured. Including monographs, edited collections, short books and textbooks, books in the series are written and/or edited by leading experts in the field whilst consciously also affording space to emerging voices in the area, and are designed to appeal to students, postgraduate students and scholars who are interested in the range of disciplines in which critical research in football connects. The series is published in association with the Football Collective,

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Football, Politics and Identity

Football, Politics and Identity

1st Edition

Edited By James Carr, Daniel Parnell, Paul Widdop, Martin J. Power, Stephen R. Millar
June 07, 2021

This book presents a series of fascinating case studies that show how the lives and bodies of clubs, players and fans around the world are enmeshed with politics.   It draws on original research in countries including England, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Mexico, Algeria and Argentina and ...

Football and Discrimination Antisemitism and Beyond

Football and Discrimination: Antisemitism and Beyond

1st Edition

Edited By Pavel Brunssen, Stefanie Schüler-Springorum
May 19, 2021

This book takes a close look at discrimination in football in order to illuminate our understanding of the interaction between sport and wider society, politics and culture, particularly in terms of the (re)production of identity. It presents insightful and diverse international case ...

Football and Popular Culture Singing Out from the Stands

Football and Popular Culture: Singing Out from the Stands

1st Edition

Edited By Stephen R. Millar, Martin J. Power, Paul Widdop, Daniel Parnell, James Carr
May 18, 2021

Football is ubiquitous and a permanent fixture of modern life. More than a sport, it frequently manifests in broader popular culture. This book examines the significance of football for, and in, popular culture across a wide range of forms, including music, film, and social media. Football and ...

Football, Family, Gender and Identity The Football Self

Football, Family, Gender and Identity: The Football Self

1st Edition

By Hanya Pielichaty
May 13, 2021

This book presents a cross-disciplinary examination of the lived experiences of girls and women football players using theoretical insights from sports studies, psychology, sociology and gender studies. It examines the concept of ‘the football self’ – your own, personal football identity that ...

Russia and the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Russia and the 2018 FIFA World Cup

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Arnold
March 09, 2021

Despite many negative expectations of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia delivered one of the best World Cups in living memory. This book brings together leading scholars working in Russian studies, sociology and political science to analyse the 2018 World Cup and assess its significance for sport, ...

Fan Activism, Protest and Politics Ultras in Post-Socialist Croatia

Fan Activism, Protest and Politics: Ultras in Post-Socialist Croatia

1st Edition

By Andrew Hodges
June 30, 2020

In what sense can organized football fans be understood as political actors or participants in social movements? How do fan struggles link to wider social and political transformations? And what methodological dilemmas arise when researching fan activism? Fan Activism, Protest and Politics seeks ...

Politics, Ideology and Football Fandom The Transformation of Modern Poland

Politics, Ideology and Football Fandom: The Transformation of Modern Poland

1st Edition

By Radosław Kossakowski, Przemysław Nosal, Wojciech Woźniak
April 15, 2020

Football fans and football culture represent a unique prism through which to view contemporary society and politics. Based on in-depth empirical research into football in Poland, this book examines how fans develop political identities and how those identities can influence the wider political ...

The Development of Women's Soccer Legacies, Participation, and Popularity in Germany

The Development of Women's Soccer: Legacies, Participation, and Popularity in Germany

1st Edition

By Henk Erik Meier
February 21, 2020

While women’s soccer has risen in popularity around the world, research reveals persistent gender discrimination and marginalization of girls and women in the sport. Applying policy feedback theory and econometric analysis, this volume explores the lasting impact of different regimes of gender ...

Football as Medicine Prescribing Football for Global Health Promotion

Football as Medicine: Prescribing Football for Global Health Promotion

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Krustrup, Daniel Parnell
December 02, 2019

It is beyond dispute that physical activity is good for us, but what are the benefits, challenges and impacts of sport on health? This is the first book to focus on football in the context of health from individual, public and population-level perspectives. Football as Medicine examines the ...

African Footballers in Europe Migration, Community, and Give Back Behaviours

African Footballers in Europe: Migration, Community, and Give Back Behaviours

1st Edition

By Ernest Yeboah Acheampong, Malek Bouhaouala, Michel Raspaud
October 04, 2019

African Footballers in Europe traces the social and economic evolution of African football and examines the strategies and resources that players mobilise in their migrations, with a particular focus on ‘Give Back Behaviours’ (how players contribute to their countries or communities of origin). It ...

Football in Fiction A History

Football in Fiction: A History

1st Edition

By Lee McGowan
October 04, 2019

Football in Fiction represents the most comprehensive historical mapping and analysis of novels related to association football (soccer). It offers a theoretically informed field guide, a scholarly cartography of football fiction’s uncertain – and until now – only partially explored ...

Football Fandom, Protest and Democracy Supporter Activism in Turkey

Football Fandom, Protest and Democracy: Supporter Activism in Turkey

1st Edition

By Dağhan Irak
May 03, 2019

Football Fandom, Protest and Democracy offers an in-depth and inside approach to the socio-political history of football in Turkey, where fandom is often revered as part of the national identity, presenting the historical context for football events in the country. Based on original research, the ...

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