1st Edition

Developing Transformative Spaces in Higher Education Learning to Transgress

Edited By Sue Jackson Copyright 2018
    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    Higher education has been presented as a solution to a host of local and global problems, despite the fact that learning and assessment can also be used as mechanisms for exclusion and social control. Developing Transformative Spaces in Higher Education: Learning to Transgress demonstrates that even when knowledge may appear to be the solution, it can be partial and disempowering to all but the dominant groups. The book shows the need to contest such knowledge claims and to learn to transgress, rather than to conform. It argues that transformative spaces need to be found and that these should be about the creation of new opportunities, ways of knowing and ways of being.

    Working in and through spaces of transgression, the contributors to this volume develop frameworks for the possibilities of transformative spaces in learning and teaching in higher education. The book critiques the ways in which Western higher education culture determines the academic agenda in relation to dialogue on social differences, minority groups and hierarchical structures, including issues of representation among different groups in the population.  It also explores the personal and political costs of transgression and outlines ways in which transitions can be transformative.

    The book should be of interest to academics, researchers and postgraduate students engaged in the study of higher education, education studies, teacher training, social justice and transformation. It should also be essential reading for practitioners working in post-compulsory education.

    Table of contents:


    Sue Jackson

    Section 1 - Identities and border crossings

    Section editor: Sue Jackson

    Introduction to section : Sue Jackson

    Chapter 1 - Spaces of Identity -Transgressions and Transformations in Multicultural Encounters in Israel

    Miriam Schildkraut and Mueen Fakhereldeen

    Chapter 2 - Crossing expected and unexpected borders in the way to higher education: The "Window to the Academy" programme

    Idit Katz and Hanoch Flum

    Chapter 3 - Transitional, transformative and transgressive spaces in university education

    Linden West

    Conclusion to section 1: Sue Jackson

    Section 2 - Knowledges, truths and stories

    Section editors: David Owen and Juliet Millican

    Introduction to section 2: David Owen and Juliet Millican

    Chapter 4 - ‘Us’ and ‘Them’: The Role of Higher Education within Conflict Societies

    David Owen, Juliet Millican, Waleed Dallasheh, and Ihab Zubeidat

    Chapter 5 - Contested Spaces: Power and authority in an introductory undergraduate course

    Uzi Zevik Brami and Iris Tabak

    Chapter 6 - Sometimes its appropriate to Scream at them: The University as a platform for Resistance and Free Speech

    Peter Watts and Ruth Rogers

    Conclusion to section 2: David Owen and Juliet Millican

    Section 3 - Transformative pedagogies

    Section editors: Ihab Zubeidat and Waleed Dallasheh

    Introduction to section 3: Ihab Zubeidat and Waleed Dallasheh

    Chapter 7 - The Development of Higher-Order Cognition Skills: the contribution of a teacher training programme in the Excellence track

    Yaser Awad, Ibtesam Azaiza, Mahmood Khalil and Varda Bar

    Chapter 8 - Transforming Curriculum: Case studies on International Collaboration for Curricular Reform in Multicultural Education and Cultural Diversity

    Rhonda Sofer and Hava E. Vidergor

    Chapter 9 - Transgressing power structures in Assessment: not a step too far, just far enough

    Maddalena Taras

    Conclusion to section 3: Waleed Dallasheh and Ihab Zubeidat

    Section 4

    Transgression and transformation: the role of universities

    Section editor: Maddalena Taras and Roxana Reichman

    Introduction to section 4: Maddalena Taras

    Chapter 10 - The university challenge: students' transformation

    Roxana G. Reichman

    Chapter 11 - Transformative Spaces in Higher Education: An Epistemological Rationale

    Nurit Basman Mor

    Chapter 12 - Telling tales: a transformative space for alternative discourses in research

    Hazel Reid

    Conclusion to section 4: Roxana Reichman

    Final words: Sue Jackson


    Sue Jackson is Professor Emerita of Lifelong Learning and Gender at Birkbeck University of London, where she was Pro-Vice-Master Learning & Teaching and Director of the Centre for Transformative Practice in Learning and Teaching until she retired in September 2016.

    "This outstanding collection brings together the voices of a diverse group of scholars deeply committed to working together across the politics of difference to address ongoing social and ontological injustices. Drawing on critical pedagogies, it creates dialogic spaces of and for transgression and transformation. This book provides a timely and significant set of reflections for our struggles towards social justice, reminding us of the generative power of collective commitment to change across and through difference."

    Professor Penny Jane Burke is Global Innovation Chair of Equity and Director of the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education at the University of Newcastle, Australia.