1st Edition

Developmental Genetics and Plant Evolution

    564 Pages
    by CRC Press

    A benchmark text, Developmental Genetics and Plant Evolution integrates the recent revolution in the molecular-developmental genetics of plants with mainstream evolutionary thought. It reflects the increasing cooperation between strongly genomics-influenced researchers, with their strong grasp of technology, and evolutionary morphogenetists and systematists who are more deeply rooted in comparative biology and patterns of plant evolution.

    The book discusses our increasing understanding of gene function and expression, along with modern phylogenies. It integrates morphological and molecular data to highlight specific key transitions in plant evolution that warrant additional intensive study. Furthermore, it explores increasing knowledge of the physical expression of plant development from disciplines such as anatomy and paleobotany. Rather than focus on the technical aspects of plant genomics, this book provides genuinely integrated explanations of plant evolution.

    The distinguished panel of contributors has succeeded in capturing a demanding subject in an accessible volume for a wide range of professional botanists and students in developmental biology, applied molecular biology, molecular evolution, morphogenesis, organismal botany, and theoretical systematics.

    Perspectives and Paradigms in Plant Evo-Devo
    Impact of Transposons on Plant Genomes
    Evolutionary Developmental Biology: Impact on Systematic Theory and Practice, and the Contribution of Systematics
    Transference of Function, Heterotopy and The Evolution of Plant Development
    Are Macroevolution and Microevolution Qualitatively Different? Evidence from Poaceae and Other Families
    The Mostly Male Theory of Flower Origins: Summary and Update Regarding the Jurassic Pteridosperm Pteroma
    Generating and Filtering Major Phenotypic Novelties: NeoGoldschmidtian Saltation Revisited
    Evolution of Adaptive Petal Cell Morphology
    How the Land Plants Learned their Floral ABCs: The Role of MADS-box Genes in the Evolutionary Origin of Flowers
    Orchid Flowers: Evolution and Molecular Development
    Involvement of Non-ABC MADS-box Genes in Determining Stamen and Carpel Identity in Gerbera hybrida (Asteraceae)
    Making Rays in the Asteraceae: Genetics and Ecolution of Radiate Versus Discoid Flower Heads
    Role of TCP Genes in the Evolution of Morphological Characters in Angiosperms
    Floral Diversity and Evolution in the Solanaceae
    Integrating Phylogeny, Developmental Morphology and Genetics: A Case Study of Inflorescence Evolution in the 'Bristle Grass' Clade (Panicoideae: Poaceae)
    Identification of Genes Involved in Evolutionary Diversification of Leaf Morphology
    Evolution of Vascular Plant Body Plans: A Phylogenetic Perspective
    The Telome Theory
    A Developmental Perspective on the Evolution of Leaves
    An Overview of Seed Plant Leaf Evolution
    Comparative Developmental and Molecular Genetic Aspects of Leaf Dissection
    Developmental Signals Regulating Leaf Form
    Evolutionary History of the Monocot Leaf
    Diatoms: The Evolution of Morphogenetic Complexity in Single-Celled Plants
    Identifying the Genetic Causes of Phenotypic Evolution: A Review of Experimental Strategies


    Quentin C.B. Cronk, Richard M. Bateman, Julie A. Hawkins

    'Collectively, the chapters in this symposium volume from the Systematics Association present a vibrant view of this growing field. Developmental Genetics and Plant Evolution brings together a variety of approaches and systems where we are beginning to glean some of the answers.'Vivian F. Irish, Science, vol. 298, December 2002

    'A book of this sort should help to keep the dialogue going between developmentalists and evolutionists. I think all players in this game can learn from the diverse and interesting perspective and approaches presented.' R. Geeta, American Journal of Botany, 2003