1st Edition

Education, Leadership and Islam Theories, discourses and practices from an Islamic perspective

By Saeeda Shah Copyright 2016
    242 Pages
    by Routledge

    242 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Educational institutions are undergoing complex and sensitive changes in the context of immigration, international mobility, globalisation, and shifting economic scenarios, making highly challenging demands on educational leaders. Leadership is increasingly being perceived and theorised as pivotal to students’ achievement and institutional performance. In this book, Saeeda Shah considers educational leadership from an Islamic perspective to debate theoretical positions underpinned by Islamic texts and teachings, and the resulting conceptualisations and interpretations.

    While educational leadership literature and research have flourished in recent years, this is predominantly informed by Western ideologies, concepts, theories and practices. Education, Leadership and Islam focuses on contemporary educational settings and practices, drawing on research and empirical evidence from multicultural contexts in order to enrich theory and inform policy and practice in relevant frameworks, particularly in relation to the growing Muslim population in the West. Chapters also discuss gender in Islam, educational expectations and Islamic faith schools to comprehensively explore education in relation to Islamism. Situating Muslims within contemporary societies, this book extends debates regarding educational philosophy and leadership, endorsing diversity and plurality through an appreciation of difference.

    Education, Leadership and Islam will appeal to education researchers as well as social and political scientists attempting to understand Muslim educational issues in contemporary life, both in the east and in the west. This book offers critical insight into educational theory and practice, and as such will be key reading for policy makers and educational leaders.

    Introduction  1. Islam, Knowledge, Education, and Ideological Underpinnings  2. Educational Leadership: An Islamic perspective  3. Gender, Educational Leadership, and Islam  4. Muslims’ Expectations from Education and Educational Leaders in Contemporary Societies: Case of UK  5. Islamic Faith Schools: Dynamics of debates  Conclusion


    Saeeda Shah is Reader at the University of Leicester and Visiting Professor of Education at the University of Derby. Prior to that, she was Dean at AJK University Pakistan and taught for many years in higher education, holding senior management posts. She was awarded the Best University Teacher Millennium Award 2000 by University Grants Commission, Pakistan.

    "Education, Leadership and Islam deserves to be widely read by all who are interested in education. It provides a clear philosophical account of the essential features of Islam and the implications of these for education from which all, not only Muslims, can learn." - Professor Richard Pring, University of Oxford, UK

    "While there is growing literature on Islamophobia and Muslims education, very little brings into the picture issues of Islam itself, what Islamic thinking says in relation to education or what it means for the Muslim experience. Saeeda has done what should have been done a long time ago." - Professor Tahir Abbas, Fetih University, Istanbul, Turkey.

    "Situating the individual within the realm of societal actions, this book offers an extension of debates in and about educational philosophy and leadership that places a high premium on cultivating diversity and plurality through an appreciation of dissent." - Professor Yusef Waghid, Stellenbosch University, South Africa 

    "Congratulations on an excellent monograph. It is excellent research and very well written.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is this quality of material that is urgently needed for a range of audiences."
    - Professor Mairtin Mac an Ghaill, Newman University College, Birmingham, UK

    "Saeeda Shah offers singular insights to educators who work toward understanding and providing support for all learners. This book is an informative and welcome resource for educators wanting to contribute to social cohesion in a globalized world, with its multi-faith multi-ethnic societies." - Professor Linda L. Lyman, Illinois State University, USA

    "This is such a welcome and important book, pleading for much deeper understanding of multi-faith multi-ethnic communities. It is thoughtful, scholarly and underpinned by Saeeda Shah’s deep commitment to education as a transformative process. It should be read widely within, and beyond, the research community." - Professor Howard Stevenson, University of Nottingham, UK

    "It is comprehensive, informative, well-researched and readable, and is going to be very valuable." - Robin Richardson (previously director Runnymede Trust and member of the Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia)

    "Saeeda Shah’s book invites us into a fresh landscape of thought and practice in which questions of faith, education, and leadership are elaborated through the distinctive meanings of Islam. This is an impressive book which challenges us, irrespective of orientation, to think again how we might engage educationally in diverse societies." - Professor David Pedder, University of Leicester, UK

    "This book provides a unique and very timely analysis of the challenges of providing educational institutions that genuinely encompass the aspirations and needs of Britain’s Muslim communities. It should be required reading by all those who have to meet the challenges of providing education in a multi-racial and multi-faith society." - Professor Tim Simkins, Sheffield Hallam University, UK; Chair BELMAS

    "Saeeda Shah has drawn upon her experiences as a Muslim academic of having worked in Muslim and secular societies, and the insights that she brings to debates around education, leadership and Islam are highly valuable and practical for educationists and educational leaders in todays globalised world." - Professor Samina Amin Qadir, Vice Chancellor Fatima Jinnah Women University, Pakistan

    "This book is a tour de force in terms of reach and depth. In it Dr Saeeda Shah has developed a sophisticated, scholarly and entirely original synthesis that ranges across the following themes: knowledge and education in Islam; the role of educational leaders from an Islamic perspective; gender and educational leadership in Islam and Muslim societies; the education of Muslims in multi-ethnic societies and Islamic faith schools."David Pedder, Educational Review Journal, 2016

    "This book covers an important topic which, as far as this reviewer is aware, has not been previously covered – namely, addressing the increasingly important subject of leadership from an Islamic perspective, and, in doing so, challenging many of the received assumptions in the literature (the ‘theories, discourses and practices’)." - Richard Pring, University of Winchester, UK