1st Edition

Education, Social Justice and Inter-Agency Working Joined Up or Fractured Policy?

Edited By Sheila Riddell, Lyn Tett Copyright 2001

    This book explores policy and practice in a range of areas where education and other agencies (health, social and employment services and housing) interact. Its theme, of joined up policy and inter-agency working, is central to all those interested in promoting social justice for adults and children experiencing the effects of exclusion.

    1. Introduction  Sheila Riddell  2. 'Joined Up Thinking'? Inter-agency Partnership in Education Action Zones  Sally Power  3.  Education Action Zones and Zones d'Education Prioritaires  Richard Hatcher and Dominique Leblond  4. Co-ordinated School-linked services; The US Experience  William Lowe Boyd and Robert L. Crowson  5. Full-Service Schooling : From 'At Risk' Student to Full-Status Citizen in Australia?  Robert Semmens  6. New Scotland, New Labour, New Community Schools: New Authoritarianism  Stephen Baron  7. Schools, Community Education and Collaborative Practice in Scotland  Lyn Tett, Pamela Munn, Helen Kay, Ian Martin, Jane Martin and Stewart Ranson  8. The Nature of Special Educational Needs Partnerships  Enid Mordaunt  9. Supporting Pupils with Special Health Needs in Mainstream Schools  Jane Lightfoot, Suzanne, Muckherjee and Patricia Sloper  10. Housing and Schooling; A Case Study in Joined-Up Problems  Jill Clark, Alan Dyson and Alan Millward  11. 'Some woman came round.' Inter-agency Work in Preventing School Exclusion  Gwynedd Lloyd, Andrew Kendrick and Joan Stead  12. Social Inclusion or Exclusion? Recent Policy Trends in Scottish Children's Services for Disabled Children  E. Kay M. Tisdall  13. Inter-Agency Strategies in Early Childhood Education to Counter Social exclusion : Findings for Six European Countries  Emer Smyth  14. Involving Parents in their Children's Education in Japan and Scotland. Contrasts in Policy and Practice  Hiroyuki Kasama and Lyn Tett  15. Exploring the Tailored Approaches of New Deal for 18-24 Year Olds  Jane Salisbury  16. Disabled People, Training and Employment: Joined-Up Policy and its Tensions  Sheila Riddell and Alastair Wilson


    Sheila Riddell, Lyn Tett

    'The book is clearly current, but it will remain relevant to anyone with an interest in inter-agency working.' - Rob Watling, University of Leicester, Social Policy

    'The authors of Education, Social Justice and Inter-Agency Working hope that this collection of papers leaves the reader with many questions to ponder.' It does, but it does more than that: it obliges the readers to decide which version of joined-up thinking they wish to practise.' - Paul Taylor, European Journal of Social Work