1st Edition

Educational Inequalities Difference and Diversity in Schools and Higher Education

Edited By Kalwant Bhopal, Uvanney Maylor Copyright 2014

    While there is considerable literature on social inequality and education, there is little recent work which explores notions of difference and diversity in relation to "race," class and gender. This edited text aims to bring together researchers in the field of education located across many international contexts such as the UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Europe. Contributors investigate the ways in which dominant perspectives on "difference," intersectionality and institutional structures underpin and reinforce educational inequality in schools and higher education. They emphasize the importance of international perspectives and innovative methodological approaches to examining these areas, and seek to locate the dimensions of difference within recent theoretical discourses, with an emphasis on "race," class and gender as key categories of analysis.

    1. Educational Inequalities in Schools and Higher Education: An Introduction Kalwant Bhopal and Uvanney Maylor   Part I: Difference, Diversity and Inclusion  2. Pale/Ontology: The Status of Whiteness in Education Zeus Leonardo 3. How Fair is Britain? Addressing ‘Race’ and Education Inequalities in the 21st Century Gill Crozier  4. Black Academic Success: What’s Changed? Jasmine Rhamie  5. The Intersections Of Ethnicity, Gender, Social Class And An Itinerant Lifestyle: Deconstructing Teachers’ Narratives And Thinking About The Possibilities For Transformative Action Robyn Henderson  Part II: Understanding Difference: Policy and Practice in Education  6. Negotiating Achievement: Students’ Gendered and Classed Constructions of (Un) Equal Ability Anne-Sofie Nyström  7. Change AND Tradition: Muslim boys’ Talk about Their Post-16 Aspirations Farzana Shain  8. Gendered Surveillance and the Social Construction of Young Muslim Women in Schools Heidi Safia Mirza and Veena Meetoo  9. Politics of Difference, Intersectionality, Pedagogy of Poverty and Missed Opportunities at Play in the Classroom Carl A. Grant and Annemarie Ketterhagen Engdahl  Part III: Educational Inequalities: Identities, Inclusion and Barriers 10. "I Want to Hear You": Listening to the Narratives, Practices and Visions of a Chuj Maya Teacher in Guatemala Alexandra Allweiss  11. What Does It Mean to be the "Pride of Pinesville"?: Opportunities Facilitated and Constrained Amy Johnson Lachuk, Mary Louise Gomez and Shameka N. Powell  12. A Place to Hang my Hat On? University Staff Perceptions in Multiethnic New Zealand Edwina Pio, Ali Rasheed, Agnes Naera, Kitea Tipuna and Lorraine Parker  13. Intersectional Pedagogy: From Movies to the Classroom Elżbieta H. Oleksy  14. Intersecting Identities: Young People’s Constructions of Identity in South-East Europe Alistair Ross  15. Conclusions Uvanney Maylor and Kalwant Bhopal


    Kalwant Bhopal is Reader in Education and Director of the Social Justice and Inclusive Education Research Centre at the University of Southampton, School of Education.
    Uvanney Maylor is Reader in Education in the department of Education Studies, and Deputy Director of the Institute for Research in Education at the University of Bedfordshire.