1st Edition

Engaging Brands A Customer-Centric Approach for Superior Experiences

By Michela Addis Copyright 2020
    276 Pages 65 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    276 Pages 65 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    How can managers design and manage excellent customer experiences that will develop long-term relationships with their customers? This book addresses this key question and explores both the theory developed over the past 20 years and tools to create truly engaging brands.

    Taking a broad holistic approach, this book brings together current thinking on experiential marketing, brand management, customer engagement, customer well-being and happiness, customer loyalty and emotions, the customer journey map, and big data and combines it into a practical and clear roadmap for brand managers. By integrating these modern perspectives, concepts, research techniques, and operative tools, this book provides a new perspective of marketing management to design and build engaging branding.

    Using extensive examples from a variety of industries, this book offers a global perspective that will appeal to both advanced students and experienced marketing managers.

    1. Customer Engagement: The Brand Goal  2. Customer Experience: The Heart of Branding  3. From Experiences to Loyalty by Way of Emotions  4. The Customer Journey and its Map  5. The Research Techniques for Engaging Brands  6. Integrating Customer Experience through Big Data  7. Measuring Customer Engagement and its Returns  8. From Customer Engagement to Customer Well-being


    Michela Addis is Professor of Marketing at the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, Italy, where she teaches Business Administration and Management, Marketing Research, and Cultural Marketing.

    "From the beginning, those of us with an interest in consumption experiences have recognized their clear relevance to the effective branding of consumer goods and services. But we have lacked clear practical guidance on this topic. Now – in her book on Engaging Brands – Michela Addis explores this theme from the perspective of a dedicated scholar who has long studied various managerially relevant aspects of experiential marketing. Her deep probing of "customer engagement" – replete with plentiful real-world examples – makes her work essential reading for academicians, students, and practitioners alike."

    Morris B. Holbrook, Professor Emeritus at Columbia University, US

    "Michela Addis has written a wonderful and much needed book on brands in marketing. The ideas are well-conceived, insightful, and challenge commonly accepted stereotypes. This important book develops three main principles. First, the concept of engagement is used to shift focus from the object and the beneficiaries of brands treated in isolation to the relationship inherent in person-brand interactions. Second, emerging notions of hedonic and experiential frameworks are used to interpret brand engagement. Finally, in a way truly integrating theory and practice, many splendid examples are infused throughout the book (e.g., Mastercard, Eataly, Zappos). This timely and creative book comes at a crucial time in the development and use of marketing thought and will appeal to students, professors, and practitioners."

    Richard P. Bagozzi, Professor at University of Michigan, USA

    "Generating engaging customer experience is a challenge for companies and organizations in today’s competitive society. This wide-ranging book demonstrates the elusive nature of customer engagement and the importance of considering consumers’ experiences for a better understanding of interactions between consumers and brands. A brand that makes the customer happy and treats the consumer as a subject rather than an object, thereby respecting the consumer’s desires, will benefit both the consumer and the company. This book is based on insightful research and provides thorough knowledge of relevance to companies, organizations and researchers."

    Karin M. Ekström, Professor in Marketing at University of Borås, Sweden

    "I congratulate the authors for developing this book. It is pleasing to see the applications of our conceptual research with practical and highly relevant cases. This is an essential book for marketing students and practicing managers."

    Rod Brodie, Professor at University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand

    "Engaging Brands provides a much-needed analysis of the role of customer engagement and customer experience in building brands that strongly resonate with customers. This book is a comprehensive treatment of this topic highlighting the role of emotions and intimately understanding the customer journey. This work provides highly practical insight into the use of appropriate research techniques, use of big data and the measurement of customer engagement. This treatment of this topic is original and thought-provoking and will be of interest to both practitioners and students."

    Adrian Payne, Professor at University of New South Wales, Australia