Enterprise System Architectures : Building Client Server and Web Based Systems book cover
1st Edition

Enterprise System Architectures
Building Client Server and Web Based Systems

Edited By

Mark Goodyear

ISBN 9780849398360
Published September 28, 1999 by CRC Press
978 Pages

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Book Description

Experts from Andersen Consulting show you how to combine computing, communications, and knowledge to deliver a uniquely new-and entirely indispensable-competitive advantage.

Lead, Follow, or get out of the way
Your company's ability to sustain a competitive advantage is in jeopardy. Your competitors can imitate and improve faster than ever. You need to find ways to help your company discover and deliver and astounding solution, control its costs, and move on the next astounding solution.

Web-based computing is the vital technology enabler for today's most important business opportunities, like E-Commerce. It is also the flexible foundation for future solutions. However, because of the complexities and difficulties it represents, it can be critical hurdle for IT shops and for an entire business.

Enterprise Systems Architecture: Building Client/Server and Web-Based Systems is your guide through these complexities as you integrate your technology capabilities with your strategy, people, and processes to deliver astounding solutions. It

  • Introduces you to basic principles and concepts, provides an overview of state-of-the-art in client/server and Web-based computing models, and develops a solid business case for implementation.
  • Acquaints you with various technologies involved and describes a comprehensive network computing architecture.
  • Details crucial analysis, design, and implementation issues, including design specifics for architectures, applications, and network; rollout strategies; and ongoing management of distributed operations.
  • Explores emerging technologies and their likely impact on the future of netcentric computing.

    Here you'll find detailed information on the architectures and frameworks for network-based computing … strategies for designing and implementing solutions … strategies and methods for security. It also provides a full framework for testing applications, and in-depth discussion of transition frameworks for these environments, detailed costs and frameworks for managing the client/server environment, and much more.
  • Table of Contents

    Section I Overview of Netcentric Computing Solutions
    I-1 Netcentric: The Evolution of Computing, Frameworks, and Architectures
    I-2 Netcentric Computing and New Business Capabilities

    Section II Architectures and Frameworks for Netcentric Computing
    II-1 Architecture Frameworks for Client/Server and Netcentric Computing
    II-2 Presentation Services
    II-3 Information Services
    II-4 Communications Architectures
    II-5 Transaction Services
    II-6 Environment Services
    II-7 Base Services
    II-8 Development Architecture
    II-9 A Framework for Testing Netcentric Applications
    II-10 Operations Architecture
    II-11 Transition Frameworks for Netcentric Environments
    II-12 Platform Architecture

    Section III Designing and Implementing Netcentric Solutions
    III-1 A Framework for Netcentric Implementation
    III-2 Design and Implementation of Client/Server and Netcentric Architectures
    III-3 Overview of Data and Process Distribution
    III-4 Finalizing the Distribution Strategy
    III-5 Netcentric Integration with Existing Systems
    III-6 Interface Design
    III-7 System Controls
    III-8 Network Infrastructure Options for Netcentric Implementation
    III-9 Management of Distributed Operations
    III-10 Testing Implementation
    III-11 Site Preparation and Installation
    III-12 Project Management
    III-13 Change Management

    Section IV Special Topics
    IV-1 Netcentric Security
    IV-2 Knowledge Management
    IV-3 Collaborative Computing Solutions
    IV-4 Data Mining
    IV-5 The Information Delivery Facility: Beyond Data Warehousing
    IV-6 Componentware
    IV-7 Costs and Frameworks for Managing the Client/Server Environment

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