Environmental Effects on Seafood Availability, Safety, and Quality  book cover
1st Edition

Environmental Effects on Seafood Availability, Safety, and Quality

ISBN 9781439803271
Published December 14, 2010 by CRC Press
401 Pages 26 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

An essential part of diverse marine ecosystems, seafood organisms are especially vulnerable to changes in their natural habitats that affect their reproductive abilities, growth rate, and mutual inter- and intra-species interactions. Environmental Effects on Seafood Availability, Safety, and Quality Issues discusses a variety of factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic to the marine environment, and their potential to influence the availability of finfish/shellfish, their nutritional value, quality attributes, and the safety issues at the time of capture. It also covers the handling of newly caught finfish/shellfish aboard the fishing vessel.

Edited by experts, with contributions from scientists and practitioners in marine biology/ecology and seafood applied sciences, the book examines direct, short term or indirect, long-term implications on seafood safety and quality caused by seawater pollution/contamination destabilizing marine habitats. It also covers the cumulative effects of toxic compounds in finfish and shellfish tissues and the effects of overfishing such as dead zones, toxic algal blooms, and jellyfish explosions. In addition to the harmful effects of overfishing and environmental pollution/contamination to the productivity and well-being of seafood resources and marine ecosystems in general, the book details how the capture fisheries also suffer from climate change, affecting fish migrations and the stocks accessibility.

Overexploitation, overpopulation, and improper human activities result in destruction, shrinkage, fragmentation, and pollution of the natural habitat of marine life, especially the spawning ground. Interdisciplinary in nature, this book elucidates the environmental limitations, the abiotic, biotic, and anthropogenic factors affecting the catch, and the influence of global warming. It offers a smart way to understand and properly use seafood resources in order to maintain sustainable availability of the capture and culture of seafood resources, especially under the contingency of global warming.

Table of Contents

What is Behind Capture and Handling the Catch? E. Grazyna Daczkowska-Kozon
World Seafood Resources and Seafood Consumption, Jolanta Zieziula and Edyta Pawlak
Seafood Quality Issue, Zdzisław E. Sikorski and Edward Kołakowski
Environmental Limitations and General Impact on Properties of the Catch, Stephen T. Grabacki
Onboard Quality Systems, Stephen T. Grabacki
Quality of Seafood from Aquaculture, Bonnie Sun Pan
Benefits of Seafood Consumption, Yun-Hwa Peggy Hsieh and Bahram Arjmandi
Safety Aspects of Seafood, Elzbieta Daczkowska-Kozon, Waldemar Dabrowski, Agnieszka Bednarczyk-Drag, and Barbara Szymczak
Allergens, Elzbieta Kucharska, Joanna Bober, and Tadeusz Ogonski
Abiotic Environmental Factors Affecting Seafood Safety and Properties, Agnieszka Tórz, Arkadiusz Nedzarek, Teresa Radziejewska, and Maciej Kiełpinski
Biotic Environmental Factors Affecting Seafood Quality, Teresa Radziejewska
Anthropogenic Environmental Factors Affecting Seafood Safety and Properties, Shiu-Mei Liu, and Bonnie Sun Pan
Seafood Quality Assurance for Algal Toxins, G. M. Hallegraeff
Bacteria on Seafood: Friend or Foe, E. Grazyna Daczkowska-Kozon
Fish and Shellfish Diseases and Seafood Quality, Ewa Sobecka and Wojciech Piasecki
Influence of Global Warming on Seafood Availability, Fu-Sung "Frank" Chiang and Chin-Hwa "Jenny" Sun
Sea Fish and Shellfish Authentication Issues, Wojciech Sawicki and Dagmara M. Klein
Understanding Seafood Quality and Freshness Issues Across the Globe, H. Allan Bremner
Tracing the Catch through the Chain, Olga Szulecka
How Improved Logistics can Improve the Standards of Seafood in the Supply Chain, Wojciech Brocki, Roman Drozdowski, and Stanisław Kasperek
Sustainable Seafood Fishing and Farming, Bohdan Draganik
What Could be Done for Better Seafood Availability, Quality, and Safety, E. Grazyna Daczkowska-Kozon

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