1st Edition

Expertise in Second Language Writing Instruction Conceptual and Empirical Understandings

Edited By ALAN HIRVELA, Diane Belcher Copyright 2025
    248 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Despite growing interest in L2 writing teachers, there is a dearth of published works that specifically delve into the nuances of development of L2 writing teacher expertise, informed by relevant foundational theory and empirical research, this book addresses this crucial gap in the understanding of expertise in L2 writing instruction.

    The book offers a holistic analysis of L2 writing instruction, serving as a valuable resource for those involved in the development of L2 writing teacher educators, as well as novice teachers striving to hone their skills in teaching L2 writing. It draws from a wide array of international perspectives on the conceptualization of L2 writing teacher expertise and research in this domain.

    Significantly, it is the first comprehensive work that places expertise in L2 writing instruction at the forefront. It will interest scholars in the disciplines of foreign and second language education, as well as postgraduate students and aspiring teachers.



    Amy B.M. Tsui


    1      Introduction: The evolving quest to understand L2 writing teacher expertise

    Alan Hirvela and Diane Belcher


    PART 1 

    Accounts of L2 Writing Teacher Expertise Learning Experiences

    2      Expertise as collaborative practice

    Ken Hyland


    3      Teacher inquiry in ESOL teacher education: Examining how teachers develop L2 writing   

    instruction expertise

    Amanda K. Kibler, April S. Salerno, Elena Andrei


    4      A collaborative examination of an L2 writing teacher’s expertise learning across teaching


    Dorothy Worden-Chambers and Emory Price


    5      Reframing L2 writing teacher expertise to account for ongoing professionalization: Towards a sustainable model of L2 writing teacher education

    Lisya Seloni


    6      The influence of language learning and writing experiences on L2 writing teacher expertise

    Nur Yiğitoğlu Aptoula and Diane Belcher


    7      Reflections on doctoral dissertation writing, mentoring, and advising as a form of expertise

    Christine P. Casanave



    PART 2

    Classroom-based Studies of Teacher Expertise Learning

    8      From routine expertise to adaptive expertise in L2 writing instruction: A case study of an

    EFL teacher at a Japanese university

    Mayumi Asaba


    9      Instructional expertise in assessing digital multimodal composing in a second language:

    Conceptual frameworks and teachers’ perspectives

    Christoph A. Hafner and Wing Yee Jenifer Ho


    10   A study of expertise in instructional delivery while teaching argumentative writing in an

    American ESL composition program

    Zhenjie Weng


    11   Navigating expertise in synthesis writing instruction: The role of task representation

    Ruilan Zhao and Alan Hirvela



    Icy Lee


    Alan Hirvela is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Ohio State University. Prior to that, he was a faculty member at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a former co-editor of TESOL Quarterly and both assistant editor and reviews editor of English for Specific Purposes and has served on the editorial boards of numerous journals. He has also guest co-edited three issues of the Journal of Second Language Writing (with Diane Belcher) and one issue of the Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (with Youngjoo Yi). His articles, books, and book chapters have focused primarily on L2 academic literacy teaching and learning, especially as related to argumentative writing instruction, reading-writing connections, L2 writing teacher expertise, and the use of literary texts in writing instruction..

    Diane D. Belcher is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA, USA), is former co-editor of the journals English for Specific Purposes and TESOL Quarterly. She has guest-edited three special issues of the Journal of Second Language Writing and currently serves as co-editor of a teacher reference series, Michigan Series on Teaching Multilingual Writers. Her research interests mainly focus on advanced academic literacy, and her publications include edited volumes, book chapters, and articles in such journals as the Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, Applied Linguistics Review, and Journal of English for Academic Purposes. Her most recently published book is Argumentative Writing in a Second Language, co-edited with Alan Hirvela. Other recent projects are several studies on digital multimodal composing co-authored with Youjin Kim.