1st Edition

Food Sovereignty in International Context Discourse, politics and practice of place

Edited By Amy Trauger Copyright 2015
    248 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    248 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Food sovereignty is an emerging discourse of empowerment and autonomy in the food system with the development of associated practices in rural and some urban spaces. While literature on food sovereignty has proliferated since the first usage of the term in 1996 at the Rome Food Summit, most has been descriptive rather than explanatory in nature, and often confuses food sovereignty with other movements and objectives such as alternative food networks, food justice, or food self-sufficiency. 

    This book is a collection of empirically rich and theoretically engaged papers across a broad geographical spectrum reflecting on what constitutes the politics and practices of food sovereignty. They contribute to a theoretical gap in the food sovereignty literature as well as a relative shortage of empirical work on food sovereignty in the global "North", much previous work having focussed on Latin America. Specific case studies are included from Canada, Norway, Switzerland, southern Europe, UK and USA, as well as Africa, India and Ecuador. 

    The book presents new research on the emergence of food sovereignties. It offers a wide variety of empirical examples and a theoretically engaged framework for explaining the aims of actors and organizations working toward autonomy and democracy in the food system.

    1. Putting Food Sovereignty in Place 

    Amy Trauger 

    Part 1: Discourse 

    2. Where are the Local Communities? Food Sovereignty Discourses on International Agrobiodiversity Conservation Strategies 

    Claudio Brenni 

    3. Farmers, Foodies and First Nations: Getting to Food Sovereignty in Canada? 

    Annette Aurélie Desmarais and Hannah Wittman 

    4. Food Sovereignty in the Global North: The Application of a Social Justice Framework for a Common Language and Approach 

    Alanna Higgins 

    5. Framing Food Provisioning Research in the UK: Whither Food Sovereignty? 

    Carol Morris, Susanne Seymour and Adam Spencer 

    Part 2: Politics 

    6. Food Security, Food Sovereignty, and the Nation-state: Historicizing Norwegian Farmland Policy 

    Heidi Vinge 

    7. Repositioning Food Sovereignty: Between Ecuadorian Nationalist and Cosmopolitan Politics 

    Alberto Arce, Stephen Sherwood and Myriam Paredes 

    8. Seed Sovereignty as Civil Disobedience in Northern India? 

    Amy Trauger 

    9. Talking Around TT: Food Sovereignty as Unifying Discourse in the Southern Alberta Food System 

    Trina Filan 

    Part 3: Practice 

    10. Framing Multiple Food Sovereignties: Comparing the Nyéléni Declaration and the Local Food and Self-Governance Ordinance in Maine 

    Hilda E. Kurtz 

    11. Gender, Food Sovereignty and Agrarian Reforms 

    Susie Jacobs 

    12. Food Sovereignty in the Fields: Seed Exchange and Participatory Plant Breeding of Wheat Landraces in Italy 

    Elisa Da Vià 

    13. When Global goes Sweet, Locals turn Sour: Wine Sovereignty in Switzerland 

    Melaine Laesslé


    Amy Trauger is Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Georgia, Athens, USA.