1st Edition

Global Perspectives on Microaggressions in Schools Understanding and Combating Covert Violence

Edited By Julie Corkett, Christine Cho, Astrid Steele Copyright 2021
    178 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    178 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Recognizing microaggression as an often unseen, yet pervasive issue in schools globally, this book offers critical examination of instances of aggression, hostility, and incivility in school contexts around the world. Drawing on authors’ experiences and empirical analyses, the volume puts forward practical recommendations to remedy such violence and tackle its root causes.

    Global Perspectives on Microaggressions in Schools brings together contributions from South Africa, Australia, Canada, and the US to explore the various forms that microaggression can take. Authors implement qualitative methodologies, personal reflection, and empirical literature to document microaggressions perpetrated by, and directed against all members of the school community, including students, teachers, school leaders, and administrators. In doing so, they highlight ongoing issues including xenophobia, sexual violence, and prejudice against gifted students, LGBTQ, refugee, and indigenous communities. Looking forward, the volume proposes practical ways to undermine such prejudices and prevent the occurrence of microaggressions through effective training, policy, leadership, and student agency.

    Given its rigorous approach and attention to widespread issues of school violence, this book will be a timely resource for scholars, researchers, and academics with an interest in the sociology of education, educational leadership, school culture, student well-being, and inclusive education. In addition, school leaders, administrators, and pre- and in-service educators may find benefit from reading this volume.

    1. Introduction
    Julie K. Corkett, Christine L. Cho and Astrid Steele

    Section I. Microaggressions Impacting Students, Teachers and Staff

    2. Principals’ Experiences of Mistreatment in the School Environment
    Corinne Barrett De Wiele

    3. LGBT Microaggressions Among Teachers in South African Schools
    Dennis A. Francis and Finn Reygan

    4. An Examination of Microaggressions Encountered by African American STEAM Academy High School Students
    Edward C. Fletcher Jr., Donna Y. Ford and James L. Moore III

    Section II. Understanding Wider Societal Causes of Microaggression in Schooling Context

    5. Humanising Students as a Micro-Resistance Practice in Australian Alternative Education Settings
    Kristin Reimer and Fiona Longmuir

    6. Deconstructing Citizenship and Belonging: Refugee Student Integration and Microaggressions in Ontario Schools
    Alana Butler and Zuhra Abawi

    7. Troubling Racialized Discourse in Nunavut Education
    Jay McKechnie

    Section III. Looking Forward: Resistance Within School Environments

    8. Social Inequities and the Manifestation of Microaggression for First Nations Students in the Educational System in Canada and the Role of Transformational Leadership
    Darcia Roache, Stanley Bruce Thomson and Jason Marshall

    9. Using the Third Space to Address the Microinvalidation of Indigenous Science within Mainstream Science Education Classrooms: Trinidad and Tobago and Australia
    Laila N. Boisselle and Marianne Mc Laughlin

    10. Drama as Resilience to Covert School Violence and Incivility
    Steven Noble

    11. Conclusion
    Julie K. Corkett, Christine L. Cho and Astrid Steele


    Julie K. Corkett is Associate Professor at the Schulich School of Education, Canada.

    Christine L. Cho is Associate Professor at Nipissing University’s Schulich School of Education, Canada.

    Astrid Steele was formerly an Associate Professor at the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University, Canada.