1st Edition

Global South Scholars in the Western Academy Harnessing Unique Experiences, Knowledges, and Positionality in the Third Space

Edited By Staci Martin, Deepra Dandekar Copyright 2022
    234 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    234 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    By foregrounding the voices and experiences of scholars from the Global South who have migrated to institutions in the Global North, this volume theorizes the "third space" as a unique, rich, and generative position in the Western academy.

    Global South Scholars in the Western Academy engages a range of critical methodologies to explore the challenges that Global South scholars have faced in establishing themselves in academic settings in the Global North. The text identifies the unique position that scholars have come to adopt "in-between" North and South and theorizes this positionality as a "third space", which is carved out by academics negotiating personal, professional, and cultural belonging. This liminal subject position, enriched by experiences of migration, racialization, poverty, and difference, is shown to drive knowledge-production and justice-orientated approaches in the academy.

    This book provides a new and overdue perspective on the experiences and contributions of Global South scholars in the academy. It will be of interest to academics, researchers, and scholars with an interest in critical theory, indigenous and multicultural education, the sociology of education, and higher education.


    Part 1: Transformative Pedagogy and Scholarship

    Chapter 1: "Why don’t you study your own country?" Situating the Semi-self, amongst Hybrid Identities

    Julten Abdelhalim

    Chapter 2: Settler Colonial Curriculum in Carlisle Boarding School: A Historical and Personal Qualitative Research Study

    Patrick Gerard Eagle Staff

    Chapter 3: Between Confidence and Mistrust, Rejection and Collaboration: Anglolan Region Drums in Third Academic Space at Universidade Federal de Minas, Brazil

    Felix Ulombe Kaputu

    Part 2: Barriers and Disruptions of White Space in Academia

    Chapter 4: How to be a Good Immigrant in Australian Academia

    Diana Carolina Arbeláez-Ruiz

    Chapter 5: Inclusion and Exclusion of Postcolonial Subjects in Knowledge Production: Academic Experience in Sweden, Cameroon, and Germany

    Jonathan Ngeh

    Chapter 6: Cannibalizing the Foundations of Western Civilization

    Wendy M.K. Shaw

    Chapter 7: Navigating Academia as a Third Culture Child: Acculturation

    Marcella Chiromo

    Part 3: Cultivating Third Spaces in the Academy

    Chapter 8: Defining and Decolonizing Spaces in the Western Academy: Like a Laughing Dove

    Lydia Wanja Gitau

    Chapter 9: Reflections on Multiple and Unconventional Positionality through a Lens of Multi-layered Institutional Whiteness: Challenging the Binary

    Sayaka Osanami Törngren

    Kyoko Shinozaki

    Chapter 10: Disrupting Trauma Tourism in Diversity Workshops and Scholarship Essays: A Participatory Study Describing Counternarratives by Queer, Trans, and Students of Colour

    Óscar Fernández

    Staci B. Martin

    Luz Maria Anaya

    Anayeli Diaz-Espinoza

    Wendy Soriano-Valencia

    Stevie Cadiz

    Hollis Kinner

    Crystal Romero

    Part 4: Cultivating Third Spaces

    Chapter 11: The Role of Memory and Emotions in the Long Migration Journey to Germany

    Deepra Dandekar

    Chapter 12: Transforming Ordinary Spaces into Hopeful Spaces

    Staci B. Martin

    Debra Tavares

    D. Philipos

    Milan Alvarez

    Aline Maranghi

    Irving Sanchez Cisneros

    Danna Diaz

    David Peterson del Mar

    Chapter 13: Opportunities and Challenges of Oral History Research through Refugee Voices, Narratives, and Memories: History Dialogues

    Mohamed Zakaria Abdalla

    Richesse Ndiritiro

    Shaema Omar

    Kate Reed

    Samson Rer

    Marcia C. Schenk

    Gerawork Teferra

    Chapter 14: Reconceptualizing Academic Mobility in Exile: Advancing a More Equitable Exchange of Ideas

    Chelsea A. Blackburn Cohen

    Alfred Babo

    Sarina S. Rosenthal



    Staci B. Martin, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Practice in the School of Social Work at Portland State University, USA

    Deepra Dandekar, Ph.D., Researcher, Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin, Germany