2nd Edition

Handbook of Cereal Science and Technology, Revised and Expanded

Edited By Karel Kulp Copyright 2000

    This thoroughly revised second edition addresses the full spectrum of cereal grain science, employing agronomic, chemical, and technological perspectives and providing new and expanded treatment of food enrichment techniques, nutritional standards, and product quality evaluation.

    Written by over 40 internationally respected authorities, the Handbook of Cereal Science and Technology, Second Edition discusses recent developments in the chemical composition and functionality of cereal components such as proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids; highlights newly developed special ingredients and microbiological operations in processed foods; and investigates the most up-to-date production, processing, and uses of triticale, wild rice, and other grains.

    The book also addresses the latest standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, international organizations, and industry lobby groups; illustrates how new breeds of cereal grains are developed and sustained; explains new processing techniques for producing baked goods, pasta, breakfast cereals, and snack foods; and evaluates up-to-the-minute methods of fortifying foods with folic acid and other supplements.

    Wheat, Elieser S. Posner
    Corn: The Major Cereal of the Americas, Lawrence A. Johnson
    Barley, Eugene A. Hockett
    Oats, Michael S. McMullen
    Sorghum, Lloyd W. Rooney and Sergio Othon Serna-Saldivar
    The Millets, Cassandra M. McDonough, Lloyd W. Rooney, and
    Sergio Othon Serna-Saldivar
    Rice: Production, Processing, and Utilization, Navam S.
    Hettiarachchy, Zhi Yong Ju, Terry Siebenmorgen, and Roy N.
    Rye, Klaus Lorenz
    Triticale: Production and Utilization, N.L. Darvey, H. Naeem, and
    J. Perry Gustafson
    Wild Rice: Processing and Utilization, Ervin A Oelke and James
    J. Boedicker
    Oilseeds and Oil-Bearing Materials, Edmund W. Lusas
    Cereal Proteins: Compositions of Their Major Fractions and
    Methods for Identification, George Lookhart and Scott Bean
    Cereal Carbohydrates, David R. Shelton and Won Jong Lee
    Cereal Lipids, Okkyung Kim Chung and Jae-Bom Ohm
    Minor Constituents of Cereals, Margaret Ann Bock
    Quality Evaluation of Cereals and Cereal Products, Vladimir F.
    Rasper and Charles E. Walker
    Breads and Yeast-Leavened Bakery Goods, Karel Kulp and
    Joseph G. Ponte, Jr.
    Soft Wheat Products, Hamed Faridi, Charles S. Gaines, and
    Brian L. Strouts
    Ready-to-Eat Breakfast Cereals, Paul J. Whalen, Julia L.
    DesRochers, and Charles E. Walker
    Pasta: Raw Materials and Processing, Brendan J. Donnelly and
    Joseph G. Ponte, Jr.
    Cereal-Based Snack Foods, Joseph A. Maga
    Malted Cereals: Their Production and Use, Richard E. Pyler and
    D.A. Thomas
    Cereal Enrichment and Nutrient Labeling, Peter M. Ranum
    Nutritional Quality of Cereal-Based Foods, Carol F. Klopfenstein
    Nonfood Uses of Cereals, John W. Lawton
    Fermentation and Microbial Processes in Cereal Foods, Pierre
    Gelinas and Carole McKinnon
    Special Food Ingredients from Cereals, Joseph G. Ponte, Jr.,
    Ismail Sait Dogan, and Karel Kulp


    Kulp, Karel

    "…High-quality photographs and schematics of instruments enhance the attractiveness…of the book…represents a valuable addition in this field."
    ---Food Technology

    "…contains an impressive number of very informative tables and a well documented bibliography. It will rapidly become a reference for all those working with cereals. "
    ---Food Science & Technology Journal

    "…a valuable text and reference book for the cereal science students, researchers, food technologists and food engineers and processors alike."
    ---Journal of Food Science and Technology

    "…If this Handbook is on your bookshelf, it is likely to be one that you will dip into on many occasions…make a note of where it sits on the library shelf, because it is certain to contain something of use to you."
    ---Transcripts of the Institution of Chemical Engineers

    "…an excellent overview on…cereal processing…It was intended to relate increasing diversity of cereal products, and the current best practice in manufacturing processes and emerging trends in the technologies for particular products. This aim was adequately fulfilled in this book by describing the mechanical detail of processing systems."
    - Shuryo Nakai, Food, Nutrition and Health, University of British Columbia, in Food Research International, 2002