1st Edition

Handbook of Cryo-Preparation Methods for Electron Microscopy

Edited By Annie Cavalier, Daniele Spehner, Bruno M. Humbel Copyright 2008
    706 Pages 406 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    While new discoveries have led to much dramatic growth in cryo-electron microscopy, researchers will never be able to take full advantage if they lack access to the details that make these techniques understandable and applicable.

    The Handbook of Cryo-Preparation Methods for Electron Microscopy provides researchers with a complete reference that will show them how to equip their labs with the right materials and methods to take full advantage of the latest advances. This pioneering work brings together a group of internationally renowned researchers, some the very inventors of the methods they describe, to share their knowledge and recipes. Taking care to explain the history behind the techniques and to demonstrate their use, this book presents the latest theory, principles, and protocols supplemented by hundreds of illustrations.

    Contributions to this handbook –

    Ö         Describe cryo-methods aimed at perfect preservation for fine structural analysis

    Ö         Teach how to arrest physiological processes by cryo-fixation

    Ö         Reveal the secrets for high-resolution snapshots of life by CEMOVIS

    Ö         Cover applications of cryo-methods such as electron crystallography, 2D/3D structure analysis, protein localization, and cryo-electron tomography

    Ö         Demonstrate the use of vitreous water as an intermediate step for localization of biological ions and molecules

    Ö         Present hybrid methods of freeze-substitution and freeze-drying for immunolabeling and determining molecular geography

    Ö         Illustrate freeze-fracture, cryo-ultramicrotomy, and resin embedding

    Ö         Highlight the Tokuyasu method and the new rehydration technique for highly efficient immunolabeling

    Ö         Include summary tables to compare and obtain appropriate criteria

    Includes a wealth of immediate reference material for daily use

    With clear, step-by-step recipes and lists of tools, ingredients, and suppliers, this handbookprovides researchers with the knowledge and techniques to adopt the latest cryo-methods to their current research.

    Cryo-Fixation Methods. Macromolecular Assemblies. Cryo-ultramicrotomy. Low-Temperature Embedding. Freeze-Fracture and Metal Shadowing. Immunolabeling, Electron Tomography.


    Annie Cavalier