Handbook of Dynein  book cover
1st Edition

Handbook of Dynein

Edited By

Keiko Hirose

ISBN 9789814303330
Published February 22, 2012 by Jenny Stanford Publishing
350 Pages 34 Color & 48 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book draws together recent data on both cytoplasmic and flagellar dyneins and the proteins they interact with, to give readers a clear picture of what is currently known about the structure and mechanics of these remarkable macro-molecular machines. Each chapter is written by active researchers, with a focus on currently used biophysical, biochemical, and cell biological methods. This is a useful handbook for frontline researchers as well as a textbook for advanced students.

Besides comprehensive cover of structural information gained by electron microscopy, electron cryo-tomography, X-ray crystallography, and nuclear magnetic resonance, this book provides detailed descriptions of mechanistic experiments by single-molecule nanometry. The reports include in vitro studies of the motility of reconstituted complexes and in vivo studies of organisms expressing mutant dyneins. The recent technical improvements described, which have played an important part in recent advances, include the expression and preparation of recombinant dynein heavy chains or individual subdomains.

Table of Contents

Dyneins: Ancient Protein Complexes Gradually Reveal Their Secrets, L. A. Amos and K. Hirose
Two Decades of Cytoplasmic Dynein: From Fast to Forceful, R. J. McKenney and R. B. Vallee
Functional Analysis of the Dynein Motor Domain, T. Shima, K. Sutoh, and T. Kon
Structural Studies on the Dynein Heavy Chain, A. J. Roberts and S. A. Burgess
Structural Analysis of Microtubule-Bound Dynein, K. Hirose
The Dynein Stalk: Atomic Structure and Roles in the Mechanism of the Dynein Motor, A. P. Carter
Enzymatic and Motile Properties of Native Dynein Molecules, Y. Toyoshima and H. Higuchi
Motile Properties of Cytoplasmic Dynein, S. L. Reck-Peterson, R. D. Vale, and A. Gennerich
Motile Properties of Inner Arm Dynein, Y. Shitaka, H. Kojima, and K. Oiwa
Dynein Motility in Cilia and Flagella, A. Gokhale, M. Wirschell, W. Sale, and D. R. Mitchell
3D Structures of Axonemes, T. Ishikawa
Functional Diversity of Axonemal Dyneins, R. Kamiya
Assembly and Regulation of Dynein Light Chains, A. Nyarko and E. Barbar
Regulatory Subunits of Axonemal Dynein, K. Inaba
The Role of Dynein in Yeast Nuclear Segregation, M. D. Stuchell-Brereton, J. K. Moore, and J. A. Cooper

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"Given the recent explosion of interest in dynein, this book gives a timely review of both historical and current developments in the field. It is an extensive compendium compiled by leading dynein researchers and an excellent resource for young and experienced scientists alike!"
—Prof. Joe Howard, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Germany

"Handbook of Dynein, edited by the eminent electron microscopists Keiko Hirose and Linda Amos and contributed to by many international leading scientists in the field, is an excellent introduction to cutting-edge dynein research, including such aspects as biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, structural biology, and molecular genetics. It introduces not only the mechanisms of how cilia and flagella move and how the intracellular transport is performed by dyneins but also the pathogenesis of diseases related to the dynein motor complex. Thus, it will be a really fine handbook for students and researchers in the broad areas of life sciences."
—Prof. Nobutaka Hirokawa, University of Tokyo, Japan