2nd Edition

Handbook of Frozen Food Processing and Packaging

Edited By Da-Wen Sun Copyright 2012
    936 Pages 268 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Consumer demand for a year-round supply of seasonal produce and ready-made meals remains the driving force behind innovation in frozen food technology. Now in its second edition, Handbook of Frozen Food Processing and Packaging explores the art and science of frozen foods and assembles essential data and references relied upon by scientists in universities and research institutions.

    Highlights in the Second Edition include:

    • Original chapters revised and updated with the latest developments
    • New section on Emerging Technologies in Food Freezing, with chapters on ultrasound accelerated freezing, high-pressure shift freezing, electrostatic field-assisted food freezing, and antifreeze proteins
    • New section on Trends in Frozen Food Packaging, with chapters on active packaging, intelligent packaging, vacuum packaging, and edible coatings and films and their applications on frozen foods

    This volume continues the tradition of the benchmark first edition, capturing the latest developments on the cutting edge of frozen food science. In addition to updated coverage of quality and safety issues and monitoring and measuring techniques, it highlights emerging technologies and trends, all in the format that made the previous edition so popular. It offers the tools needed to develop new and better products, keeping up with consumer demand for safe and convenient frozen foods.

    Fundamentals of Freezing
    Physical–Chemical Principles in Freezing; N. Zaritzky
    Glass Transitions in Frozen Food Systems; S. S. Sablani
    An Overview of Refrigeration Cycles; D.-W. Sun
    Microbiology of Frozen Foods; C. O. Gill
    Thermophysical Properties of Frozen Foods; L. Wang and C. L. Weller
    Freezing Loads and Freezing Time Calculation; G. S. Mittal
    Mathematical Modeling of Freezing Processes; Q. T. Pham
    Facilities for the Cold Chain
    Freezing Methods and Equipment; M. F. North and S. J. Lovatt
    Cold Store Design and Maintenance; S. J. James and C. James
    Transportation of Frozen Foods; S. Estrada-Flores
    Retail Display Equipment and Management; G. Cortella and P. D’Agaro
    Household Refrigerators and Freezers; R. H. Mascheroni and V. O. Salvadori
    Monitoring and Control of the Cold Chain; P. S. Taoukis, M. C. Giannakourou, and T. N. Tsironi
    Quality and Safety of Frozen Foods
    Quality and Safety of Frozen Meat and Meat Products; S. J. James and C. James
    Quality and Safety of Frozen Poultry and Poultry Products; N. M. Kotrola and P. Mohyla
    Safety and Quality of Frozen Aquatic Food Products; J. Jaczynski, R. Tahergorabi, A. L. Hunt, and J. W. Park
    Quality and Safety of Frozen Vegetables; W. C. Parreño and M. D. Álvarez Torres
    Quality and Safety of Frozen Fruits; G. Cortellino
    Quality and Safety of Frozen Dairy Products; H. D. Goff
    Quality and Safety of Frozen Ready Meals; P. G. Creed
    Quality and Safety of Frozen Bakery Products; A. Le Bail, C. Tzia, and V. Giannou
    Quality and Safety of Frozen Eggs and Egg Products; L.-S. Lai
    Monitoring and Measuring Techniques for Quality and Safety
    Physical Measurements; P. K. Mallikarjunan
    Chemical Measurements; M. C. Erickson
    Sensory Analysis of Frozen Foods; E. Chambers IV
    Food-Borne Illnesses and Detection of Pathogenic Microorganisms; A. G. M. Scannell
    Shelf Life Prediction of Frozen Foods; B. M. McKenna
    Emerging Technologies in Food Freezing
    Ultrasound Accelerated Freezing; A. Delgado and Da-Wen Sun
    High-Pressure Shift Freezing; L. Otero and P. D. Sanz
    Electrostatic Field-Assisted Food Freezing; A. Le-Bail, M. Orlowska, and M. Havet
    Antifreeze Proteins; S. Wang and D.-W. Sun
    Packaging of Frozen Foods
    Introduction to Frozen Food Packaging; K. Cooksey and J. Krochta
    Plastic Packaging of Frozen Foods; K. H. Lee and D.-W. Sun
    Paper-Based Packaging of Frozen Foods; G. L. Robertson
    Packaging of Frozen Foods with Other Materials; G. Hasselmann and A. K. Scheer
    Packaging Machinery; R. S. Matche and H. S. Sathish
    Trends in Frozen Food Packaging
    Active Packaging; D. S. Lee
    Intelligent Packaging; P. Suppakul
    Vacuum Packaging; P. Rachtanapun and C. Rachtanapun
    Edible Coatings and Films and Their Applications on Frozen Foods; J. Duan and Y. Zhao


    Da-Wen Sun is a leading educator in food engineering and a Professor of Food and Biosystems Engineering and the Director of the Food Refrigeration and Computerised Food Technology Research Group at University College Dublin (UCD). His main research activities include cooling, drying, and refrigeration processes and systems; quality and safety of food products; bioprocess simulation and optimization; and computer vision technology. His innovative studies on vacuum cooling of cooked meats, pizza quality inspection by computer vision, and edible films for shelf life extension of fruit and vegetables have been widely reported in national and international media.

    “… provides food professionals in industry, government, or academia, essential, comprehensive, and easily accessible information about today’s frozen food systems. … The volume is liberal and well illustrated, greatly assisting the readers to understand the author’s explanations. … Dr. Sun’s work is a welcome and needed addition to the library of any food professional working with frozen products.”
    —Keith W. Gates, Seafood Specialist and Associate Director, University of Georgia, in the Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, Vol. 16, No. 1, 2007
    “… written by a strong team of 51 top international experts with esteemed academic and professional credentials, provides critical, comprehensive and readily accessible information on the contemporary art and science of frozen foods. … represents an excellent edition, which considers a large diversity of cold-chain-related issues reports on up-to-date research findings and affords a vast amount of useful state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of food freezing technologies and logistics. The book is one of the finest and most complete publications on frozen food ever issued around the world – an admirable encyclopedic resource for all stakeholders of the refrigeration science and industry (including upper-level students, post-graduates, researchers, cold chain operators, food technologists, engineers, equipment designers, public  authorities and food policy markers).”
    — Kostadin Fikiin, Refrigeration Science and Technology, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, in International Journal of Refrigeration, Vol. 30, No. 4, November 2007