1st Edition

Handbook of Metallonutraceuticals

    350 Pages 54 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    350 Pages 54 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    The nutritional and medicinal value of metals, such as zinc, calcium, and iron, has been known in traditional medicine for a long time. Other metals, such as silver and gold, may also have therapeutic and health benefits. Ancient medicines have long incorporated their use in the treatment of diseases, and they have also more recently been explored for treatment in allopathic medicine, birthing the concept of metallonutraceuticals. The challenge of using metals in the human body is to find forms that are safe and effective.

    Handbook of Metallonutraceuticals presents basic concepts related to the nutritional and therapeutic use of metals, product development strategies, and some ideas ready to be applied for condition-specific metallonutraceuticals. The book begins with an overview of the nutraceuticals field and the need for metallonutraceuticals. It considers the roles of various metals in metabolism, reviews the ethnopharmacology and ethnomedicine of metals, and covers the characterization and possible properties of metallonutraceuticals. It also examines bioavailability and drug interactions, and therapeutic applications of nanometals including use as imaging agents, in cancer diagnosis and treatment, as antibacterials and antivirals, in ocular disease, and in neurodegenerative diseases.

    The book explores the use of metals in traditional Chinese medicine, potential applications for metalloenzymes, the use of nanosilver in nutraceuticals, and the potential of gold nanoparticles as a drug delivery system. In addition, it addresses intellectual property rights and regulatory considerations regarding metallonutraceuticals. Using an interdisciplinary approach, this user-friendly text provides a knowledge base and inspiration for new research in this exciting field.

    Concept, Definition, and Need for Metallonutraceuticals
    Jayant Lokhande and Yashwant Pathak

    Roles of Metals in Metabolism
    Jatin Shah and Jayant Lokhande

    Ethnopharmacology and Ethnomedicine of Metals
    Jayant Lokhande, Shriniwas Samant, Ganesh Shinde, and Yashwant Pathak

    Characterization of Metallonutraceuticals
    Jayant Lokhande and Yashwant Pathak

    Characterization Bioavailability and Drug Interactions of Metallonutraceuticals
    Charles Preuss

    Therapeutic Applications of Nanometals
    Amy Broadwater, Bhaskar Mazumder, and Yashwant Pathak

    Metallonanotherapeutics for Neurodegenerative Diseases
    Komal Vig and Shivani Soni

    Nanometals and Complexes in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy
    Sajid Bashir, Srinath Palakurthi, Hong-Cai Zhou, and Jingbo Liu

    Application of Metals in Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Bhaskar Mazumdar, Shufeng Zhou, Jiayou Wang, and Yashwant Pathak

    Metalloenzymes: Relevance in Biological Systems and Potential Applications
    Ravi Ramesh Pathak

    Application of Nanosilver in Nutraceuticals
    Pranab Jyoti Das, Bhasker Mazumder, and Charles Preuss

    Regulatory Pathways and Intellectual Property Rights for Metallonutraceuticals
    Vishal Kataria, Jayant Lokhande, Vrinda Vedi, and Yashwant Pathak

    Gold Nanoparticles: A Promising Nanometallic Drug Delivery System with Many Therapeutic Applications
    Anastasia Groshev, Danielle Dantuma, Vaibhav Alandikar, Samuel Rapaka, Yashwant Pathak, and Vijaykumar Sutariya



    Yashwant V. Pathak, Ph.D., is currently the associate dean for faculty affairs at the newly launched College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida, Tampa. With extensive experience in academia and industry, Dr. Pathak has over 120 publications, research papers, abstracts, book chapters, and reviews to his credit. He has also coedited six books on nanotechnology and drug delivery systems, four books on nutraceuticals, and several books on cultural studies. Dr. Pathak is the holder of one patent.

    Jayant Lokhande, M.D., is an expert in botanical drug product (BDP) and biotechnology business management with integrated economics and regulatory aspects. He has worked for several nutraceuticals companies in the United States and India and has formulated successful strategies for marketing nutraceuticals worldwide. He has significant clinical experience in botanical drugs and the application of nutraceuticals in chronic diseases. He recently started his own company Indus Inc and Indus Extracts in the United States, for which his responsibilities include business analysis, product development, and technical marketing and sales.