2nd Edition

Handbook of Moral and Character Education

Edited By Larry Nucci, Tobias Krettenauer Copyright 2014
    570 Pages
    by Routledge

    570 Pages
    by Routledge

    There is widespread agreement that schools should contribute to the moral development and character formation of their students. In fact, 80% of US states currently have mandates regarding character education. However, the pervasiveness of the support for moral and character education masks a high degree of controversy surrounding its meaning and methods. The purpose of this handbook is to supplant the prevalent ideological rhetoric of the field with a comprehensive, research-oriented volume that both describes the extensive changes that have occurred over the last fifteen years and points forward to the future. Now in its second edition, this book includes the latest applications of developmental and cognitive psychology to moral and character education from preschool to college settings, and much more.

    Handbook of Moral and Character Education (2nd Edition)

    1.Introduction and Overview

    Larry Nucci
    University of California, Berkeley

    Darcia Narvaez
    University of Notre Dame

    Tobias Krettenauer
    Wilfred Laurier University

    Part 1. Defining the Field: Historical, Philosophical, and Theoretical, Foundations

    2.Philosophical Moorings

    Thomas Wren
    Loyola University of Chicago

    3.Traditional Chinese Philosophies and Their Perspectives on Moral Education

    Guozhen Cen
    Shanghai Teachers University
    Shanghai, China

    Jun Yu
    Idaho State University

    4.Traditional Approaches to Character Education in Britain and America

    James Arthur
    Canterbury Christ Church University College, UK

    5.Lawrence Kohlberg’s Revolutionary Ideas: Moral Education in the Cognitive-Developmental Tradition

    John Snarey
    Emory University

    Peter L. Samuelson
    Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

    6.Moral Self-Identity as the Aim of Education

    Daniel Lapsley and Paul C. Stey
    University of Notre Dame

    7.Teaching Ethically as a Moral Condition of Professionalism

    Elizabeth Campbell
    OISE/University of Toronto

    Part 2. Theory-Based Approaches to Moral and Character Education

    8.Social Cognitive Domain Theory and Moral Education

    Larry Nucci and Deborah W. Powers
    University of California

    9.Developing Ethical Expertise and Moral Personalities

    Darcia Narvaez
    Notre Dame University

    Tonia Bock
    University of St Thomas
    10.Developmental Discipline and Moral Education

    Marilyn Watson
    Developmental Studies Center
    Oakland. CA

    11.Constructivist Approaches to Moral Education in Early Childhood

    Carolyn Hildebrandt  and Betty Zan

    Department of Psychology
    University of Northern Iowa

    12.Towards a Theory of the Just Community Approach: Effects of Collective Moral, Civic, and Social Education

    Fritz Oser      
    Department of Education
    University of Freiburg

    13.Contemplative Education: Cultivating Positive Mental Skills and Social-Emotional Dispositions through Mindfulness Training

    Robert Roeser, David R. Vago, Cristi Pinela, Laurel S. Morris,
    Cynthia Taylor, Jessica Harrison
    Department of Psychology
    Portland State University

    14.Research-Based Fundamentals of the Effective Promotion of Character Development in Schools

    Marvin Berkowitz and Melinda Beir
    College of Education
    Center for Character and Citizenship Education
    University of Missouri - St. Louis

    Part 3. Schools Based Best Practices

    15. Pedagogy for the Whole Child: Developmental Studies Center’s Approach to Academic, Moral, and Character Education

    Peter Brunn
    Developmental Studies Center
    Oakland, CA

    16.The Complementary Perspectives of Social and Emotional Learning, Moral Education, and Character Education

    Maurice Elias and Amy Kansler
    Rutgers University

    Sarah J. Parker
    The Reed Center

    V. Megan Kash
    University College, London

    Roger P. Weissberg
    Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL),
    University of Illinois at Chicago

    17.Smart & Good Schools: A New Paradigm for High School Character Education

    Matthew Davidson and Thomas Lickona
    Center for the 4th and 5th Rs
    SUNY Cortland

    18.An Application of Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Dilemma Discussion to the Japanese Classroom and its Effect

    Noriyuki Araki
    Fukuyama University
    Hirorshima, Japan

    19.Moral and Character Education in Korea

    In Jae Lee 
    Seoul National University
    Department of Education

    Part 4. Moral Education in Relation to Civic Engagement, Citizenship and Democracy Education

    20.Citizenship Education in the United States: Regime Type, Foundational Questions, and Classroom Practice

    Walter C. Parker
    College of Education
    University of Washington

    21.Fostering the Moral and Civic Engagement of College Students

    Anne Colby
    Stanford Center on Adolescence
    Stanford University

    22.Citizenship and Democracy Education in a Diverse Europe

    Wolfgang Edelstein
    Max Planck Institute for Human Development
    Berlin, Germany

    Tobias Krettenauer
    Wilfrid Laurier University
    Waterloo, Ontario

    23.Democratic Moral Education in China

    Sharon To
    University of Ontario

    Shaongang Yang
    Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
    Guangzhou City, China

    Charles Helwig
    University of Ontario

    Part 5. Moral and Character Education Beyond the Classroom

    24.Positive Youth Development in the United States:
    History, Efficacy and Links to Moral and Character Education

    Richard Catalano
    Social Development Research Group
    School of Social Work
    University of Washington

    John W. Toumbourou
    Deakin University Australia

    J. David Hawkins
    University of Washington

    25.Community Contribution to Moral and Character Development

    Constance Flanagan, Alisa Pykett, and Erin Gallay
    Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
    University of Wisconsin

    26.The Moral and Civic Effects of Learning to Serve

    Daniel Hart
    Department of Psychology
    Rutgers University

    M. Kyle Matsuba
    Kwantlen University

    Robert Atkins
    Rutgers University

    27.Education for Sustainability: Moral Issues in Ecology Education

    Elisabeth Kals and Markus Mueller
    Katholische Universität Eichstätt Ingolstadt

    28.Moral and Character Education Through Sports

    F. Clark Power and Kristin Sheehan     
    Liberal Studies
    Notre Dame University 

    29.A Theoretical and Evidenced-Based Approach for Designing Professional Ethics Education

    Muriel Bebeau and Verna E. Monson
    University of Minnesota and University of St. Thomas


    Larry Nucci is an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Human Development.

    Darcia Narvaez is a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame and Executive Editor of the Journal of Moral Education.

    Tobias Krettenauer is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University, Associate Editor of the Journal of Moral Education and Consulting Editor for Child Development.

    "The second edition of the Handbook of Moral and Character Education is a comprehensive update of the original text from 2008. Edited by leading scholars and bringing together a wide range of researchers and practitioners, this 553-page book is a valuable, state-of-the-art resource...Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate, graduate, and professional collections"--K. Ryan, Boston University, in CHOICE, January 2015