Handbook of Muscle Foods Analysis  book cover
1st Edition

Handbook of Muscle Foods Analysis

ISBN 9781420045291
Published November 10, 2008 by CRC Press
988 Pages 143 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

In today’s nutrition-conscious society, there is a growing awareness among meat scientists and consumers about the importance of the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals found in muscle foods. Handbook of Muscle Foods Analysis provides a comprehensive overview and description of the analytical techniques and application methodologies for this important food group that comprises much of the Western diet.

Co-Edited by Fidel Toldra - Recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Research Award from the American Meat Science Association

With contributions from more than 35 international experts, this authoritative volume focuses 16 of its chapters on the analysis of main chemical and biochemical compounds, such as:

  • Peptides
  • Lipases
  • Glucohydrolases
  • Phospholipids
  • Cholesterol products
  • Nucleotides

Includes a Section Devoted to Safety Strategies, Particularly the Detection of Environmental Toxins
Under the editorial guidance of world-renowned food analysis expert, Leo M.L. Nollet with Fidel Toldrà, this 43-chapter resource clearly stands apart from the competition. Divided into five detailed sections, it provides in-depth discussion of essential sensory tools to determine color, texture, and flavor. It also discusses key preparation, cleanup, and separation techniques. This indispensable guide brings available literature into a one-stop source making it an essential tool for researchers and academicians in the meat processing industry.

Table of Contents


Importance of Analysis and Some Basic Concepts, D.A. Ledward

Amino Acids, M.C. Aristoy and F. Toldrá

Peptides, M.C. Aristoy, M.A. Sentandreu, and F. Toldrá

Proteins, M.L. Greaser

Proteomics, K. Hollung, E. Veiseth, X. Jia, and E.M. Faergestad

Muscle Enzymes: Proteinases, G.H. Geesink and E. Veiseth

Muscle Enzymes: Exopeptidases and Lipases, F. Toldrá, MA. Sentandreu, and M. Flores

Muscle Enzymes: Glycohydrolases, V.S.L. Houtellier

Fatty Acids, K. Raes and S. De Smet

Triacylglycerols, S.B. Smith and R.K. Tume

Analysis of Phospholipids in Muscle Foods, J. Ruiz, E. Muriel, T. Perez-Palacios, and T. Antequera

Cholesterol and Cholesterol Oxides in Meat and Meat Products, N. Bragagnolo

Determination of Oxidation, M. Estévez, D. Morcuende, and S. Ventanas

Aroma, J.S. Elmore

Carbohydrates, J.T. Keeton, H. Benli, and A.E. Claflin

Nucleotides and Its Derived Compounds, M.C. Aristoy and F. Toldrá


Basic Composition: Rapid Methodologies, A. Teixeira

Moisture and Water-Holding Capacity, K.O. Honikel

Microstructure of Muscle Foods, I. Pérez-Munuera, V. Larrea, A. Quiles, and M.A. Lluch

Physical Sensors and Techniques, J.P. Renou


Composition and Calories, K.O. Honikel

Essential Amino Acids, M.C. Aristoy and F. Toldrá

Trans and n-3 Fatty Acids, J.A.M. Prates and R.J.B. Bessa

Vitamins, Y.-N. Kim, D.W. Giraud, and J.A. Driskell

Minerals and Trace Elements, A. Alegría, R. Barberá, M.J. Lagarda, and R. Farré


Color Measurements on Muscle-Based Foods, J.A. Pérez-Alvarez and J. Fernández-López

Measuring Meat Texture, M.B. Solomon, J.S. Eastridge, E.W. Paroczay, and B.C. Bowker

Techniques for Sampling and Identification of Volatile Compounds Contributing to Sensory Perception, S.M. Van Ruth

Sensory Descriptors, G.R. Nute

Sensory Perception, R. Deliza and M.B.A. Gloria

Sensory Aspects of Cooked Meats, N.N. Terra, R.M.L. De Campos, and P.C.B. Campagnol


Methods for Evaluating Microbial Flora in Muscle Foods, D.Y.C. Fung

Methods to Predict Spoilage of Muscle Foods, G. Duffy, A. Dolan, and C.M. Burgess

Microbial Foodborne Pathogens, M. Mataragas, D. Kagli, and G.J.E. Nychas

Parasites, A. Näreaho

Mycotoxin Analysis in Muscles, J.D. Bailly and P. Guerre

Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms, A. Germini, A. Tonelli, and S. Rossi

Detection of Adulterations: Addition of Foreign Proteins, M.C.G. López and M.L.M. Alegre

Stable Isotope Analysis for Meat Authenticity and Origin Check, H.L. Schmidt, A. Rossmann, S. Rummel, and N. Tanz

Determination of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Meat, A.L. Iamiceli, I. Fochi, G. Brambilla, and A. Di Domenico

Growth Promoters, M. Reig and F. Toldrá

Antibiotic Residues in Muscle Tissues of Edible Animal Products, E. Verdon


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