2nd Edition

Handbook of Stress Medicine and Health

Edited By Cary Cooper Copyright 2004
    436 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Research now shows us that long-term activation of the stress cycle can have a hazardous, even lethal, effect on the body, increasing the risk of obesity, heart disease, depression, cancer, and other illnesses. This new edition of an award-winning book presents cutting-edge research on the effects of stress.

    Edited by one of the world’s authorities in stress management, occupational psychology, and occupational medicine, Handbook of Stress Medicine and Health, Second Edition offers a completely revised and updated look at the different types of stress, including their characteristics, symptoms, duration, and treatment approaches. The text proposes a generic theory on stress and health and explores the relationship of stress to a variety of health outcomes, including heart disease, cancer, mental health, burnout, and complications of the endocrine and immune systems. It addresses the link between stress and personality, and discusses the impact of social support on various health conditions. The final chapters deal with stress and its consequences, such as the emotional processing of traumatic events, dealing with stress in families and in chronic disease, and coping with stress in the workplace.

    With contributions from the foremost leaders in the field, this authoritative book evaluates a wide range of psychosocial factors that contribute to many of today’s major illnesses. It also proposes strategies for prevention and management, which will hopefully encourage future research into the reduction of stress.

    Conceptual Issues in Research on Stress and Health, Norbert K. Semmer, Joseph E. McGrath, and Terry A. Beehr
    Stress and Cancer: The Critical Research, Susanne Oksbjerg Dalton and Christoffer Johansen
    Stress and Cancer: The Practice, Lone Ross, Ellen Boesen, and Christoffer Johansen
    Stress and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, Töres Theorell
    The Role of Stress in Mental Illness: The Practice, R.O. Stanley and G.D. Burrows
    Stress, Endocrine Manifestations, and Diseases, Constantine Tsigos, Ioannis Kyrou, and George P. Chrousos
    Stress, Immunity, and Disease, Cinnamon Stetler, Rama Murali, Edith Chen, and Gregory E. Miller
    Stress and Burnout: The Critical Research, Christina Maslach and Michael P. Leiter
    Organizational Interventions to Alleviate Burnout and Build Engagement with Work, Michael P. Leiter and Christina Maslach
    Hardy Personality, Stress, and Health, Terry A. Beehr and Nathan A. Bowling
    Stress, Culture, and Personality, Pittu Laungani
    Social Support and Heart Disease, John G. Bruhn
    Social Support, Life Events, and Depression in HIV Disease, John Green, and Ashley Frize
    Interpersonal Communication: The Key to Unlocking Social Support for Preventive Stress Management, Marilyn Macik-Frey, James Campbell Quick, and Jonathan D. Quick
    Emotional Processing of Traumatic Events, Richard B. Slatcher and James W. Pennebaker
    Gender Differences in the Management of Work Stress: Preventing Distress and Savoring Eustress, Debra L. Nelson and Bret L. Simmons
    Dealing with Stress: Families and Chronic Illness, David W. Kissane
    Dealing with Workplace Stress, Michiel Kompier
    The Many Faces of Control at Work, Kathryne E. Dupré


    Athel Cornish-Bowden, Cary Cooper

    “This book states its objective as the further development of the field of ‘stress medicine’ – the multi-disciplinary study of stress by psychologists, medics, occupational health physicians and other related disciplines. … It covers a wide range of topics, including links between stress and health outcomes, the links between stress and personality and organizational and cultural influences on stress and its prevention, and the relationships between stress and a range of health outcomes, including cancer, heart disease, mental health (including anxiety and depression) and disorders of the immune system. … this is an important book that provides an excellent text for students and experienced practitioners alike on the subject of stress medicine. …”
    — Richard Scaife, The Keil Centre Limited, Edinburgh, UK, in Ergonomics, Vol 50, No. 5, 793-794, May 2007