1st Edition

Handbook of University and Professional Careers in School Psychology

Edited By Randy G. Floyd, Tanya L. Eckert Copyright 2021
    538 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    538 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Handbook of University and Professional Careers in School Psychology is a comprehensive resource for school psychologists in doctoral training or currently appointed to positions in universities and other clinical professional settings. Across 30 unique chapters, experts in the field offer diverse, experienced perspectives on accessing resources, building skills, navigating difficult experiences, and flourishing in all major facets of the profession. The book places special emphasis on development throughout the career lifespan and the empowerment of women, people of color, and scholars from outside of the United States.

    Section I: Embracing A Career in School Psychology

    Subsection A: Early Career Considerations

    Chapter 1: Career Paths in School Psychology by John S. Carlson, Bryn Harris, and Celeste M. Malone

    Chapter 2: Obtaining Post-Degree Supervision, Certification, and Licensure by Janay B. Sander and Kisha M. Radliff

    Subsection B: Career Considerations for University Faculty

    Chapter 3: Obtaining Your First Academic Job by Amanda L. Sullivan, Scott P. Ardoin, Kathrin E. Maki, Erin A. Harper, and Tara Kulkarni

    Chapter 4: Succeeding During Your Early Career in University Settings by Bryn Harris, Lindsay M. Fallon, Stacy-Ann A. January, and Stephen P. Kilgus

    Chapter 5: Succeeding During Your Mid-career in University Settings by Amy M. Briesch, Karen C. Stoiber, Sam Y. Song, and Erin Dowdy

    Chapter 6: Succeeding During Your Later Career in University Settings by George J. DuPaul, Bonnie K. Nastasi, and Thomas J. Power

    Chapter 7: Succeeding as a University Administrator by Renée M. Tobin, Elaine Clark, Salvador Hector Ochoa, and Jane Close Conoley

    Chapter 8: Succeeding During Retirement from University Settings by Sarah A. Fefer, Amanda M. Marcotte, William J. Matthews, and John M. Hintze

    Subsection C: Thriving in Different Career Roles

    Chapter 9: Bridging Science and Practice by Amanda M. VanDerHeyden and Seth F. Aldrich

    Chapter 10: Thriving in Private Practice and as an Independent Consultant by Jon Lasser, Laurie McGarry Klose, and Kristyn Corley

    Section II: Addressing Diversity and Personal Development

    Subsection D: Addressing Diverse Identities

    Chapter 11: Succeeding as a Woman in School Psychology by Michelle K. Demaray, Robin S. Codding, Beth Doll, Stacy Overstreet, and Janine M. Jones

    Chapter 12: Succeeding as a Person of Color in School Psychology by Sherrie L. Proctor, Tai A. Collins, Desireé Vega, Cixin Wang, and Frank C. Worrell

    Chapter 13: Succeeding as a Man in Higher Education as an Advocate of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in School Psychology by Jeffrey A. Miller, Frank C. Worrell, Prerna Arora, and Shawn Powell

    Chapter 14: Engaging Internationally to Produce Scholarship in School and Educational Psychology: A Critical Perspective by John C. Begeny, Gertina J. van Schalkwyk, Eui Kyung Kim, Jesus (Jess) Alfonso Datu, Rahma Hida, Jiayi Wang, and Maria del Pilar Grazioso 

    Subsection E: Reaching Personal Potential

    Chapter 15: Overcoming Adversity by Tanya L. Eckert and Jina Yoon

    Chapter 16: Striving for Work-Life Balance, Engaging in Self-Care, and Preventing Burnout by Shannon M. Suldo, Jessica A. Hoffman, and Sterett H. Mercer

    Section III: Advancing Skill Development and Reaching Goals

    Subsection E: Reaching Personal Potential

    Chapter 17: Developing Programs of Research in School Psychology by John H. Kranzler, Jamilia L. Blake, and Ethan R. Van Norman

    Chapter 18: Making the Most of Collaborative Research Projects by Sandra M. Chafouleas , Lisa M. Hagermoser Sanetti, and Beth S. Russell

    Chapter 19: Finding, Securing, and Managing Grants by Keith C. Herman, Wendy M. Reinke, Erin Chaparro, Elise Pas, & Amanda Sullivan

    Chapter 20: Enhancing Skills in Research Methods and Statistics by Nicholas F. Benson, David A. Klingbeil, and Jacqueline M. Caemmerer

    Chapter 21: Being a Productive Scholar by Robert J. Volpe, Lyndsay N. Jenkins, and Amanda L. Sullivan

    Chapter 22: Reviewing Manuscripts Submitted to Peer-Reviewed Journals by Randy G. Floyd, Prerna G. Aroroa, S. Andrew Garbacz, and Stacy-Ann A. January

    Subsection G: Advancing Teaching, Mentoring, and Supervision

    Chapter 23: Teaching with Passion and Effectiveness by Devadrita Talapatra, Leandra Parris, and Andrew T. Roach

    Chapter 24: Being a Mentor in Scholarship by Matthew K. Burns, Kathrin E. Maki, and Lisa Aguilar

    Chapter 25: Making a Difference in School Psychology by David M. Hulac, Emily K. Phillips, Scott L. Graves, Jr., and Thomas K. Fagan

    Chapter 26: Clinical Supervision, Support, and Professional Development for School Psychologists Across the Career Lifespan by Dennis J. Simon, Mark E. Swerdlik, Daniel S. Newman, Brea M. Banks, Arlene Silva, and Tracy K. Cruise

    Subsection H: Advancing Community and Professional Involvement

    Chapter 27: Promoting Community Engagement and Action Research by Antoinette Halsell Miranda and Samuel Y. Song

    Chapter 28: Fighting for Social Justice by David Shriberg, Erin A. Harper, and Casey McPherson

    Chapter 29: Engaging in Political Leadership and Public Policy Advocacy by Tammy L. Hughes and Celeste M. Malone

    Chapter 30: Getting Involved in Professional Organizations by Sally L. Grapin, Celeste M. Malone, and Gary Stoner


    Randy G. Floyd is Professor of Psychology and Department Chair in the Department of Psychology at the University of Memphis, USA.

    Tanya L. Eckert is Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Psychology at Syracuse University, USA.