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Heritage, Culture and Identity: Heritage, Culture and Identity

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This series explores all notions of heritage - including social and cultural heritage, the meanings of place and identity, multiculturalism, management and planning, tourism, conservation, and the built environment - at all scales from the global to the local. Although primarily geographical in orientation, it is open to other disciplines such as anthropology, history, cultural studies, planning, tourism, architecture/conservation, and local governance and cultural economics.

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Murals and Tourism Heritage, Politics and Identity

Murals and Tourism: Heritage, Politics and Identity

1st Edition

Edited By Jonathan Skinner, Lee Jolliffe
February 28, 2019

Around the world, tourists are drawn to visit murals painted on walls. Whether heritage asset, legacy leftover, or contested art space, the mural is more than a simple tourist attraction or accidental aspect of tourism material culture. They express something about the politics, heritage and ...

The Amusement Park History, Culture and the Heritage of Pleasure

The Amusement Park: History, Culture and the Heritage of Pleasure

1st Edition

Edited By Jason Wood
November 28, 2018

Jason Wood is Director of Heritage Consultancy Services, Lancaster, UK, and former Professor of Cultural Heritage at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK....

Heritage, Conservation and Communities Engagement, participation and capacity building

Heritage, Conservation and Communities: Engagement, participation and capacity building

1st Edition

Edited By Gill Chitty
August 06, 2018

Public participation and local community involvement have taken centre stage in heritage practice in recent decades. In contrast with this established position in wider heritage work, public engagement with conservation practice is less well developed. The focus here is on conservation as the ...

World Heritage Sites and Tourism Global and Local Relations

World Heritage Sites and Tourism: Global and Local Relations

1st Edition

Edited By Laurent Bourdeau, Maria Gravari-Barbas, Mike Robinson
August 06, 2018

Not all World Heritage Sites have people living within or close by their boundaries, but many do. The designation of World Heritage status brings a new dimension to the functioning of local communities and particularly through tourism. Too many tourists accentuated by the World Heritage label,...

World Heritage, Tourism and Identity Inscription and Co-production

World Heritage, Tourism and Identity: Inscription and Co-production

1st Edition

By Laurent Bourdeau, Maria Gravari-Barbas
February 12, 2018

The remarkable success of the 1972 UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage is borne out by the fact that nearly 1,000 properties have now been designated as possessing Outstanding Universal Value and recognition given to the imperative for their protection...

Contested Memoryscapes The Politics of Second World War Commemoration in Singapore

Contested Memoryscapes: The Politics of Second World War Commemoration in Singapore

1st Edition

By Hamzah Muzaini, Brenda S.A. Yeoh
February 06, 2018

This book sets itself apart from much of the burgeoning literature on war commemoration within human geography and the social sciences more generally by analysing how the Second World War (1941–45) is remembered within Singapore, unique for its potential to shed light on the manifold politics ...

World Heritage in Iran Perspectives on Pasargadae

World Heritage in Iran: Perspectives on Pasargadae

1st Edition

Edited By Ali Mozaffari
February 06, 2018

Pasargadae is the location of the tomb of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid Empire. Through the ages it was Islamised and the tomb was ascribed to the Mother of Solomon. It was only at the beginning of the twentieth century that archaeological evidence demonstrated the relationship between...

Bosnia and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage

Bosnia and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage

1st Edition

By Helen Walasek, contributions by Richard Carlton, Amra Hadžimuhamedović, Valery Perry, Tina Wik
January 24, 2018

The massive intentional destruction of cultural heritage during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War targeting a historically diverse identity provoked global condemnation and became a seminal marker in the discourse on cultural heritage. It prompted an urgent reassessment of how cultural property could be ...

Building a World Heritage City Sanaa, Yemen

Building a World Heritage City: Sanaa, Yemen

1st Edition

By Michele Lamprakos
December 12, 2017

The conservation of old Sanaa is a major cultural heritage initiative that began in the 1980's under the auspices of UNESCO; it continues today, led by local agencies and actors. In contrast to other parts of the world where conservation was introduced at a later date to remediate the effects of ...

Ireland's Heritages Critical Perspectives on Memory and Identity

Ireland's Heritages: Critical Perspectives on Memory and Identity

1st Edition

Edited By Mark McCarthy
October 12, 2017

This book is the first sustained attempt to incorporate critical scholarship and thought at the cutting edge of contemporary geography, history and archaeology into the burgeoning field of Irish heritage studies. It seeks to illustrate the validity of multiple depictions of the Irish past, showing ...

(Dis)Placing Empire Renegotiating British Colonial Geographies

(Dis)Placing Empire: Renegotiating British Colonial Geographies

1st Edition

By Michael M. Roche, Lindsay J. Proudfoot
May 16, 2017

While there has been for the past two decades a lively and extensive academic debate about postcolonial representations of imperialism and colonialism, there has been little work which focuses on 'placed' materialist or critical geographical perspectives. The contributors to this volume offer such ...

Senses of Place: Senses of Time

Senses of Place: Senses of Time

1st Edition

Edited By Brian Graham, G.J. Ashworth
September 06, 2016

Bringing together case studies from Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and Mexico, this book examines the link between senses of place and senses of time. It suggests that not only do place identities change through time, but imagined pasts also provide resources which the present selects ...

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