1st Edition

Inequalities in Study Abroad and Student Mobility Navigating Challenges and Future Directions

Edited By Suzan Kommers, Krishna Bista Copyright 2021
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    Bringing together a range of contributions from diverse international scholars, this edited volume explores issues of inequality in student mobility to consider how schools, universities, and colleges can ensure equitable access to international study and exchange.

    Featuring evidence-based accounts of students’ experiences and exploring opportunities for study abroad in school and university contexts, Inequalities in Study Abroad and Student Mobility analyses how pedagogy and student support services can be designed to accommodate linguistic, cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic differences. Chapters foreground issues of access and opportunity and offer unique insights to inform institutional policy in developing more effective, inclusive, and equitable ways to internationalize exchange and study abroad programs and initiatives for all.

    This timely volume will benefit researchers, academics, and postgraduate students in the fields of international and comparative education, as well as educators and school leaders working within secondary and higher education settings concerned with multicultural education.

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    1. Study Abroad and Student Mobility: From Educational Experience to Emerging Enterprise
    2. Suzan Kommers & Krishna Bista


    3. Mapping Undesired Consequences of Internationalization of Higher Education
    4. Adinda van Gaalen

    5. Proxy Power Attained through Wealth: Social and Educational Trajectories of Students of the New Global Elite
    6. Hatice Altun

    7. International Education and the Challenges of Social Equity in Vietnam’s Transitional Economy
    8. Lien Pham

    9. Enriching Australian Exchange Student Learning Experiences at Japanese Universities
    10. Kayoko Enomoto, Richard Warner & Julia Miller


    11. Secondary School Student Mobility: Social and Cultural Capital Transmission Through Merit-based Exchange Programs
    12. Manca Sustarsic & Baoyan Cheng

    13. International Baccalaureate (IB) program and Students’ Educational Opportunities in Japan
    14. Yuko Ida

    15. Institutional Stratification in U.S. Study Abroad Participation and Experiences: Exploring the Role of Research Institution Attendance
    16. Melissa Whatley


    17. Mapping the Dimensions of Inclusive Internationalization
    18. Eva Janebova & Christopher J. Johnstone

    19. Creating a Campus Global Learning Ecosystem by Employing Internationalization at Home Strategies
    20. Melissa K. Mace

    21. Studying Abroad while Staying at Home in Australia: Diverse Intercultural Learning and Teaching through Partnerships
    22. Dawn Joseph & Richard Johnson

    23. Developing an Experiential Virtually Abroad Program to Ensure Mobility Access: A Quick Guide

    Sharon Glazer & Rita G. Berger



    Suzan Kommers is Research Associate at Nuffic, the Dutch Organization for Internationalization in Education, Netherlands. Suzan Kommers received her Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in which she primarily investigated internationalization of the higher education system.

    Krishna Bista is Associate Professor in the Department of Advanced Studies, Leadership and Policy at Morgan State University, USA. Krishna is Founder/Executive Editor of the Journal of International Students and the founding Chair of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Study Abroad and International Students SIG.

    "Dr. Bista and Dr. Kommers' collective work provides critical reflections and implications for underlying issues within internationalization of higher education. In a post COVID-19 world, these reflections and implications should help enlighten many scholars and educators, and encourage forthcoming research."

    Bawool Hong, Research Assistant, Korea University, South Korea


    "This book is a valuable addition to our understanding of the relationship between inequalities and international education – both at home and abroad. Besides offering insights from cases around the Western world, all chapters also offer useful implications for daily practice."

    Christof Van Mol, Assistant Professor, Tilburg University, Netherlands


    "Inequalities in Study Abroad and Student Mobility presents a remarkable set of voices that, taken together, provide a deep, critical, and valuable analysis of some of the most pressing issues for international higher education. The contributions that Bista and Kommers have brought together are well positioned to lead the way toward a new internationalization that is guided by values and principles."

    Gerardo L. Blanco, Associate Professor, Boston College, USA


    "The COVID-19 crisis made the risk of growing inequalities in higher education even more visible. Inequalities in Study Abroad and Student Mobility is a must-read book addressing the topic of inequalities in internationalization and study abroad in a holistic manner. Covering not only higher education but also secondary education, the book does not limit itself to highlighting the problems, but also proposes solutions. The International Association of Universities promotes an inclusive, fair, and ethical process of internationalization of higher education, and we can only welcome this book and praise its editors and authors."

    Giorgio Marinoni, Manager of Higher Education, International Association of Universities, France 


    "A helpful read that examines study abroad from several angles. The focus on equity brings a new theoretical depth to discussion of mobility that is often missing."

    Grace Karram Stephenson, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto, Canada


    "An impressive and important collection. The editors have assembled twelve strong contributions that not only lay out the challenges inherent in study abroad access in an unbalanced and vulnerable world, but offer well-reasoned prescriptions for greater equity, effectiveness, and sustainable positive impact. Packed with solid data, and copious bibliographies highlighting the best work in the field to date, the collection is essential reading for students, faculty, professionals, and policy-makers seeking to make a difference in – and through – study abroad."

    James E. Callaghan, Assistant Vice-President, Georgia College & State University, USA


    "This book makes an important contribution, particularly now as student mobility faces new restrictions worldwide. The issues raised in Inequalities in Study Abroad and Student Mobility should be of concern to educators and policy makers everywhere so that the many benefits of international education are achieved in the broadest way, and in as many places, as possible."

    Joshua S. McKeown, Associate Provost, State University of New York at Oswego, USA


    "This book brings together an impressive collection of international scholars, providing evidence-based accounts of inequalities in student mobility. The book is an important contribution to an under-explored dimension of study abroad."

    Paul James Cardwell, Professor of Law, University of Strathclyde, UK


    "This book serves as an important resource for international educators and practitioners at a critical time when institutions are grappling with inequality issues in Study Abroad and student mobility. It offers both practical and research-driven insights that can guide institutional policy and practice in promoting diversity, empathy, and inclusive internationalization on campus."

    Ravi Ammigan, Associate Deputy Provost, University of Delaware, USA


    "Inequalities in Study Abroad and Student Mobility sheds light on a critically important issue that has been far too often ignored, namely, social inequality in study abroad. Utilizing a comparative cross-national approach, this edited volume offers a highly welcomed examination of a gnawing concern for all of us engaged in international education."

    William I. Brustein, Vice President, West Virginia University, USA


    "Despite the abundant literature on international mobility, the issue of inequalities in student mobility has been rarely treated in an organised fashion. Apart from bridging this enigmatic gap, the book provides valuable insights about how the various dimensions of inequality within the wider sphere of internationalization should be understood and addressed. I congratulate the editors and authors for an exemplary accomplishment."

    Wondwosen Tamrat, President, St. Mary’s University, Ethiopia


    "Global student mobility has led to a democratization of knowledge, information, and promotion of culture sharing and exchange. At the same time, however, it keeps reproducing social stratification and reinforcing the existing unequal socioeconomic structure, in both developing and developed countries. The great efforts demonstrated by this book to address the worldwide issue of social mobility, equity, and inclusion in student mobility are to be highly commended."

    Yenbo Wu, Associate Vice President, San Francisco State University, USA