1st Edition

Introduction to Advanced Food Process Engineering

Edited By Jatindra Kumar Sahu Copyright 2014
    718 Pages 91 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    718 Pages 91 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Food materials are processed prior to their consumption using different processing technologies that improve their shelf life and maintain their physicochemical, biological, and sensory qualities. Introduction to Advanced Food Process Engineering provides a general reference on various aspects of processing, packaging, storage, and quality control and assessment systems, describing the basic principles and major applications of emerging food processing technologies.

    The book is divided into three sections, systematically examining processes from different areas of food process engineering.

    Section I covers a wide range of advanced food processing technologies including osmo-concentration of fruits and vegetables, membrane technology, nonthermal processing, emerging drying technologies, CA and MA storage of fruits and vegetables, nanotechnology in food processing, and computational fluid dynamics modeling in food processing.

    Section II describes food safety and various non-destructive quality assessment systems using machine vision systems, vibrational spectroscopy, biosensors, and chemosensors.

    Section III
    explores waste management, by-product utilization, and energy conservation in food processing industry. With an emphasis on novel food processes, each chapter contains case studies and examples to illustrate state-of-the-art applications of the technologies discussed.

    Section I: Advances in Food Process Engineering

    Microwave and Radio Frequency Heating of Food Products: Fundamentals, Modeling, and Applications
    Deepak Kumar , Ganti S. Murthy, and Gopal Tiwari

    Emerging Drying Technologies for Agricultural Products
    Chung Lim Law, Wan Ramli Wang Daud, and Arun S. Mujumdar

    Osmo-Concentration of Foods
    Sujata Jena and H. Das

    Membrane Processing of Food Materials
    Satyanarayan Dev, Abid Hussain, and Vijaya Raghavan

    High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing of Food Materials
    P. Srinivasan Rao, S. Chakraborty, N. Kaushik, B. Pal Kaur, and N.R. Swam i Hulle

    High Voltage Pulsed Electric Field Processing of Foods
    Jatindra K. Sahu

    Cold Pasteurization of Fruit Juices Using Pulsed Electric Fields
    Faiyaz Ahmed

    Ultrasonic System for Food Processing
    Balunkeswar Nayak

    CA and MA Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
    T.K. Goswami, and S. Mangaraj

    Innovation in Food Packaging
    Mohammad Shafiur Rahman

    Nanotechnology in Food Processing
    Sanjib K. Paul and Jatindra K. Sahu

    Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing
    Tomás Norton and Brijesh Tiwari

    Section II: Food Safety and Quality Assessment

    Safety and Quality Management in Food Processing
    Alok Jha , Catherine W. Donnelly, Ashutosh Upadhyay, and B.S. Buskar

    Biosensors for Food Safety
    Amit Singh , Somayyeh Poshtiban, and Stephane Evoy

    Machine Vision Systems for Food Quality Assessment
    C. Karunakaran, N.S. Visen, J. Paliwal, G. Zhang, D.S. Jayas, and N.D.G. White

    Vibrational Spectroscopy for Food Processing
    Wenbo Wang and J. Paliwal

    Chemosensor (Electronic Nose) for Food Quality Evaluation
    P. Kumar Mallikarjunan

    Section III: Waste and Byproduct Management and Energy Conservation

    Waste Management in Food Processing
    Lijun Wang

    Waste Minimization and Utilization in the Food Industry: Valorization of Food Industry Wastes and Byproducts
    Nóra Pap , Eva Pongrácz, Liisa Myllykoski, and Riitta L. Keiski

    Energy-Efficient Food Processing: Principles and Practices
    M.K. Hazarika



    Dr. Jatindra K. Sahu, is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Engineering in Assam University, India. His research focuses on developing or improving dairy and food processing technologies in the field of food process engineering. His major contributions to food industries include a continuous heat-acid coagulation unit for continuous production of soft cheese, a sandesh (an Indian milk sweet) production line, technology for bamboo shoot-based nugget production, technology for honey powder production, Light Emitting Diode (LED) based technology for non-thermal pasteurization of fruit juices, and more.