1st Edition

Introduction to Lipidomics From Bacteria to Man

By Claude Leray Copyright 2013
    340 Pages 545 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    340 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Lipidomics is the study of the lipid molecules that are found in animal, plant, and bacterial cells. Recent research in this field has been driven by the development of sensitive new mass spectrometric tools and protocols, leading to the identification and quantification of thousands of lipids and their roles in metabolic processes.

    Designed for students of biochemistry, cell biology, pharmacology, nutrition, cosmetics, and medicine, Introduction to Lipidomics: From Bacteria to Man organizes the vast diversity of lipid molecules around simple analytical concepts, which are also understandable to students and readers from other scientific fields. It describes the structure, history, and function of lipids that play a key role in energy metabolism, cell signaling, and the formation of membranes of living cells. Each lipid section in the book contains a brief account of its discovery, biological functions, and possible pharmacological properties. An appendix is devoted to the chronology of lipid discoveries and associated techniques, supplemented by a bibliography of the major lipid groups and a review of lipid Web sites.

    The first comprehensive book on lipidomics, this long-awaited work inventories the huge variety of lipid molecules from animal, plant, and bacterial cells. It includes marine ecosystems, little-known structures from bibliographic data, cultural references, and context. A true text rather than just a catalog, it is highly informative and educational while simultaneously being anecdotal and interesting.

    Section I Simple Lipids
    Simple Lipids with Only One Component
    Fatty Acids
    Hydroxylated or Cyclic Fatty Acid Derivatives
    Fatty Alcohols
    Fatty Aldehydes
    Fatty Ketones
    Long-Chain Amino Alcohols
    Phenolic or Quinone Lipids
    Prenylated Lipids

    Simple Lipids with Two Different Components
    Simple Aminolipids
    Sterol Esters and Sterol Alkyl Ethers
    Simple Glycolipids

    Section II Complex Lipids

    Complex Amino Lipids
    Amino Lipids without Glycerol
    Amino Lipids Containing a Diacylglycerol

    Complex Glycolipids
    Phenolic Glycolipids

    Appendix A: Main Biological and Pharmacological Properties of Lipids
    Appendix B: Main Lipids Involved in Human Pathologies
    Appendix C: Selected History of Lipid Science and Technology
    Appendix D: References


    Claude Leray