1st Edition

Issues in Art and Design Teaching

Edited By Nicholas Addison, Lesley Burgess Copyright 2003
    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    Issues in Art and Design Teaching draws together a range of pedagogical and ethical issues for trainee and newly qualified teachers of art and design, and their mentors in art and design education. Arguing for a critical approach to the art and design curriculum, the collection encourages students and teachers to consider and reflect on issues in order that they can make reasoned and informed judgments about their teaching of art and design.
    Among the key issues addressed include:

    • challenging orthodoxies and exploring contemporary practices
    • measuring artistic performance
    • art history and multicultural education
    • research in art and design education
    • transitions in art and design education: primary/secondary and secondary/tertiary
    • the role of art and design in citizenship education.

    Introduction: core debates and issues Part 1. Transitions and shifts in teaching and learning Paradigm shifts 1. Recent shifts in US art education 2. Art and design in the UK: the theory gap Cross-phase transitions 3. Changing places? 4. In and out of place: cleansing rites in art education Part 2. Curriculum Issues Research in art education 5.Concerns and aspirations for qualitative research in the new millennium 6. Productive tensions: residencies in research Interdisciplinary 7. The role of language within a multimodal curriculum 8. The role of art and design in citizenship education 9. Thinking out of the box: developments in specialist art and design teacher education and ICT 10. Does visual literacy demand a head for heights Doubts and fears 10. Monsters in the playground: including contemporary art 11. Iconoscepticism: the value of images in education 12. Measuring artistic performance: the assessment debate and art educationThe principle of collaboration 13. Temporary residencies: student interventions in the gallery 14. Creative partnerships or more of the same? Moving beyond 'it reminds me of' 15. Challenging orthodoxies through partnership: PGCE students as agents of change Part 3. Towards an Ethical Pedagogy 16. Do hope and critical pedagogy matter under the reign of neoliberalism? 17. Loaded canons 18. Forming teacher identities in initial teacher education 19. Reflections on multicultural art history


    Nicholas Addison, Lesley Burgess