1st Edition

Kinetic Modeling of Reactions In Foods

By Martinus A.J.S. van Boekel Copyright 2009
    786 Pages 447 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The level of quality that food maintains as it travels down the production-to-consumption path is largely determined by the chemical, biochemical, physical, and microbiological changes that take place during its processing and storage. Authored by an internationally respected food quality expert, Kinetic Modeling of Reactions in Foods demonstrates how to effectively capture these changes in an integrative fashion using mathematical models. Thus, kinetic modeling of food changes creates the possibility to control and predict food quality from a technological point of view.

    Illustrating how kinetic modeling can predict and control food quality from farm to fork, this authoritative resource:

    • Applies kinetic models using general chemical, physical, and biochemical principles
    • Introduces Bayesian statistics in kinetic modeling, virtually unchartered territory in the food science field
    • Integrates food science, kinetics, and statistics to predict and control food quality attributes using computer models
    • Uses real-world examples rather than hypothetical data to illustrate concepts

    This essential reference is an indispensable guide to understanding all aspects of kinetic food modeling. Unlike many other kinetic volumes available, this book opens the door to the many untapped research opportunities in the food science realm where mathematical modeling can be applied.

    Kinetic View on Food Quality

    The Basics

    Models and Modeling

    Chemical Thermodynamics in a Nutshell

    Chemical Reaction Kinetics

    Temperature and Pressure Effects

    Charge Effects

    Kinetics and Statistics

    Application of the Basics to Chemical, Biochemical, Physical, and Microbial Changes in the Food Matrix

    Multiresponse Kinetic Modeling of Chemical Reactions

    Enzyme Kinetics

    Kinetics of Protein and Enzyme Denaturation

    Kinetics of Physical Changes

    Kinetics of Microbial Growth

    Kinetics of Inactivation of Microorganisms

    Modeling the Food Matrix

    Retrospective and Outlook

    Appendix A Some Calculus Rules

    Appendix B Ways to Express Amounts of Reactants and Products

    Appendix C Interconversion of Activity Coefficients Based on Mole Fractions, Molalities, and Molarities Appendix D Differential and Integrated Rate Equations for Kinetic Models of Complex Reactions

    Appendix E McMillan–Mayer and Lewis–Randall Framework and Equations for the Mean Spherical Approximation Theory

    Appendix F Probability Laws and Probability Models

    Appendix G Use of Matrix Notation in Model Representation and Regression Analysis

    Appendix H Some Thermodynamic Activity Coefficient Models

    Appendix I Reliability Engineering and the Weibull Model

    List of Symbols and Units



    Martinus A.J.S. van Boekel

    "The book is a spectacular accomplishment and a result of monumental work. Well done and timely. Congratulations to the author. It is wonderful to have a comprehensive collection of kinetic models, lucid analyses and data in both tabulated and graphical forms, all in one volume!"
    —Micha Peleg, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

    " … a welcome addition to the food chemistry and food science literature. … the author presents the material in a thoughtful and engaging manner. Importantly, the book is quite well-referenced, making relatively easy to find supplemental material when desired."
    Journal of Chemical Education