1st Edition

Knowing, Learning, and instruction Essays in Honor of Robert Glaser

Edited By Lauren Resnick Copyright 1989

    Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) at the University of Pittsburgh, these papers present the most current and innovative research on cognition and instruction. Knowing, Learning, and Instruction pays homage to Robert Glaser, founder of the LRDC, and includes debates and discussions about issues of fundamental importance to the cognitive science of instruction.

    Contents. L.B. Resnick, Introduction. W. Kintsch, Learning from Text. I.L. Beck, M.G. McKeown, Expository Text for Young Readers: The Issue of Coherence. G. Leinhardt, Development of an Expert Explanation: An Analysis of a Sequence of Subtraction Lessons. R. Gelman, J.G. Greeno, On the Understanding of Competence: Principles for Understanding in a Domain. P. Nesher, Microworlds in Mathematical Education: A Pedagogical Realism. J.F. Voss, J. Blais, M.L. Means, T.R. Greene, E. Ahwesh, Informal Reasoning and Subject Matter Knowledge in the Solving of Economics Problems by Naive and Novice Individuals. M.T.H. Chi, M. Bassok, Learning from Examples Via Self- Explanations. J.H. Larkin, What Kind of Knowledge Transfers? C.A. Perfetti, There Are Generalized Abilities and One of Them Is Reading. A. Lesgold, J. Ivill-Friel, J. Bonar, Toward Intelligent Systems for Testing. C. Bereiter, M. Scardamalia, Intentional Learning as a Goal of Instruction. A.L. Brown, A.S. Palincsar, Guided, Cooperative, and Individual Knowledge Acquisition. A. Collins, J.S. Brown, S.E. Newman, Cognitive Apprenticeship: Teaching the Crafts of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.


    Lauren Resnick