1st Edition

Language Teachers and Teaching Global Perspectives, Local Initiatives

Edited By Selim Ben Said, Lawrence Jun Zhang Copyright 2014

    This volume gathers contributions from a range of global experts in teacher education to address the topic of language teacher education. It shows how teacher education involves the agency of teachers, which forms part of their identity, and which they take on when integrating into the teaching community of practice. In addition, the volume explores the teachers’ situated practice--the dynamic negotiation of classroom situations, socialization into the professional teaching culture, and "on the ground experimentation" with pedagogical skills/techniques.

    Foreword Karen E. Johnson  Preface Lawrence Jun Zhang and Selim Ben Said  Introduction  Part 1. Policy in Education  1. The Politics of Comparison: The Global and the Local in English Language Teaching and Teacher Education David Hayes and Kyungsuk Chang  2. Developing Teacher Candidates’ Target Language Proficiency: Challenges and Opportunities in a Supportive Institutional and Policy Environment Antoinette Gagné and Marlon Valencia  3. An English Teacher Education Initiative in South Korea: The Sociocultural Theoretic Analysis Eun-Ju Kim  Part 2. Theory-Practice Nexus  4. The Role of Approaches and Methods in Second Language Teacher Education Nick Andon and Constant Leung  5. Infusing Real World Connections in TESOL Teacher Training Hongli Fan  6. Transformative Teacher Education in Action: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Support English Language Learners Davi S. Reis  Part 3. Beliefs, Expectations, and Negotiating a Professional Self  7. Teaching Spoken English in China: The Relationship between Beliefs and Characteristics of University EFL Teachers Christine C. M. Goh and Chen Zan  8. Compliance, Negotiation, and Resistance in Teachers’ Spatial Construction of Professional Identities Selim Ben Said and Chitra Shegar 9. Understanding Prospective EFL Teachers’ Interest in Teaching Icy Lee  Part 4. Reflective Practice, Feedback and Facilitation  10. Teacher Beliefs and Classroom Practices: A Case Study of an ESL Teacher in Canada Thomas S.C. Farrell and Barbara Tomenson-Filion  11. When Things Go Wrong: Feedback on Teaching Practice in TESOL Stephen Louw, Richard Watson Todd, and Pattamawan Jimarkon  12. Can Primary-Age Pupils Produce Teaching Materials? Ian McGrath Part 5. Teaching and Learning in New Times 
    13. EFL Teachers’ Conceptual Development and the Transformation of Teaching through Narratives in the E-portfolio Tatsuhiro Yoshida and Katsunori Kambara  14. Speaking Like a ‘Glocal’: Using Computer-Mediated Communication in Language Teacher Education to Promote Network Learning Melinda Dooly 15. Beyond Borders, Beyond Expectations: Online Education and Responsive Teaching Deryn P. Verity  Part 6. Teacher Learning in Cross-Cultural Contexts 16.  Developing Intercultural Understanding in Teacher Education within the Context of Language and Literacy across the Curriculum Vitaliy Shyyan, William Dunn, and Laurent Cammarata  17. Chinese Sojourn Teachers’ Perceptions and Experiences with K-12 U.S. Students: Implications for Cross-Cultural Classroom Management Wenying Zhou  18. Desire and Desirability: Perceptions of Needs in a Trans-National Language Teacher Education Program John Macalister  Afterword  Rethinking Global Perspectives and Local Initiatives in Language Teaching B. Kumaravadivelu


    Selim Ben Said is Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education.

    Lawrence Jun Zhang is an associate professor of Language & Literacy Education at the University of Auckland.

    "All in all, this book is informative and user-friendly. Provision of author and subject indexes, and a Foreword, Preface and Introduction is helpful. The Afterword concisely summarizes main points. The book provides a useful resource for educational researchers and teachers who seek to think out of the traditional teacher education box to take global and local dimensions into consideration."- Peijian Sun, University of Auckland, New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics, Volume 20(1), 2014