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Language and Speech Disorders

About the Series

This new series brings together course material and new research for students, practitioners, and researchers in the various areas of language and speech disorders. Textbooks covering the basics of the discipline will be designed for courses within communication disorders programs in the English-speaking world, and monographs and edited collections will present cutting-edge research from leading scholars in the field.

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Social Communication Development and Disorders

Social Communication Development and Disorders

2nd Edition

Edited By Deborah A. Hwa-Froelich
November 08, 2022

Social Communication Development and Disorders examines the integrated development of social, linguistic, and cognitive functions. It provides evidence-based clinical information on effective assessment and intervention for individuals with social communication disorders. The second edition of ...

Recovery from Stuttering

Recovery from Stuttering

1st Edition

By Peter Howell
January 20, 2016

This book is a comprehensive guide to the evidence, theories, and practical issues associated with recovery from stuttering in early childhood and into adolescence. It examines evidence that stuttering is associated with a range of biological factors — such as genetics — and psychological factors —...

Principles of Clinical Phonology Theoretical Approaches

Principles of Clinical Phonology: Theoretical Approaches

1st Edition

By Martin J. Ball
October 20, 2015

Those working on the description of disordered speech are bound to be also involved with clinical phonology to some extent. This is because interpreting the speech signal is only the first step to an analysis. Describing the organization and function of a speech system is the next step. However, it...

Unusual Productions in Phonology Universals and Language-Specific Considerations

Unusual Productions in Phonology: Universals and Language-Specific Considerations

1st Edition

Edited By Mehmet Yavas
November 05, 2014

The universalist view that acquisition of phonology is guided by universal principles has been the dominant position for decades.  More recently, an alternative view has brought into focus the relationship between developmental markedness and language-specific input frequencies.  With ...

Understanding Individual Differences in Language Development Across the School Years

Understanding Individual Differences in Language Development Across the School Years

1st Edition

Edited By J. Bruce Tomblin, Marilyn A. Nippold
March 21, 2014

This volume presents the findings of a large-scale study of individual differences in spoken (and heard) language development during the school years. The goal of the study was to investigate the degree to which language abilities at school entry were stable over time and influential in the child’s...

Dialogue and Dementia Cognitive and Communicative Resources for Engagement

Dialogue and Dementia: Cognitive and Communicative Resources for Engagement

1st Edition

Edited By Robert W. Schrauf, Nicole Müller
December 03, 2013

This volume takes the positive view that conversation between persons with dementia and their interlocutors is a privileged site for ongoing cognitive engagement. The book aims to identify and describe specific linguistic devices or strategies at the level of turn-by-turn talk that promote and ...

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