1st Edition

Leadership Enrichment and Development Peer and Self-Mentoring Women in Higher Education

    166 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book shares the LEAD (Leadership Enrichment and Development) method, a framework for supporting and facilitating leadership identity development for women in higher education. Guided by feminist group processes and relational learning, the chapters in this volume illustrate the impacts of self-and peer mentorship on the authors. Part lived experience, part reflection on scholarship on women’s leadership development, this book has implications for those in leadership development settings across professional sectors and career trajectories, offering strategies, implications, and insights for those developing or seeking to learn about peer mentoring programming for women faculty.  Women faculty, leadership development coaches, faculty development leaders, directors of centers for teaching excellence, program leaders focused on girls’ and women’s leader development, students and scholars interested in women’s leadership development in higher education will find this volume of interest. While LEAD’s context is higher education, the volume offers valuable application to other professional settings where women work, lead, and thrive.

    Chapter 1. Invitation to LEAD

    Amy Rutstein-Riley, Diana C. Direiter amd Stephanie A. Spadorcia

    Chapter 2. Mapping the leadership heart

    Barbara Steckel

    Chapter 3. Blocking women’s path: Structural barriers to positions of senior leadership

    Robin L. Roth

    Chapter 4. Women’s leadership journeys across sectors: Different perspectives but the view is the same

    Gail Simpson Cahill and Amy Rutstein-Riley

    Chapter 5. Mentoring as an act of leadership

    Barbara Govendo

    Chapter 6. Leadership identity development: Can the voices of diverse women be heard?

    Gail Simpson Cahill and Stephanie A. Spadorcia

    Chapter 7. The Girlhood Project: A relational exploration of learning, leading and becoming

    Amy Rutstein-Riley

    Chapter 8. Empowered voices: Charting the course of women's leadership through LEAD Mastermind peer-to-peer mentoring group

    Jana Roberts and Amy Rutstein-Riley

    Chapter 9. Epilogue: The Kitchen Table

    Diana C. Direiter


    Gail Simpson Cahill is a Department Chair and an Associate Professor of Special Education at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, USA. Dr. Cahill teaches courses in seminar and special education. Dr. Cahill has taught various grades in PreK-12 schools and held several administrative positions in school systems.

    Diana C. Direiter is the Dean of Faculty and an Associate Professor of Psychology at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, USA, and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She is a founding member and co-facilitator of Leadership Enrichment And Development (LEAD).

    Amy Rutstein-Riley is the Dean of the Graduate School of Leadership and Change and Director of the PhD Program of Leadership and Change at Antioch University, USA. Dr. Rutstein-Riley is the founder of The Girlhood Project, and a founding member and co-facilitator of Leadership Enrichment And Development (LEAD).

    Stephanie A. Spadorcia is the Vice-Provost of Education and an Associate Professor of Special Education and Literacy at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, USA. Dr. Spadorcia is a founding member and co-facilitator of Leadership Enrichment And Development (LEAD). Her teaching and research focus on literacy instruction for children with disabilities.