1st Edition

Leading Your Business into the Future with the Internet

By Danielle Vallee Copyright 1999
    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    It is estimated that over 61 million adults in the US and over 100 million worldwide are using the Internet. That is an incredible market for the business person savvy enough to tap into it.
    This new media has its own rules, requirements, and specifications. It offers possibilities no other media offers, interactivity being one of them. Implementing the Internet in business has its own administrative demands. It must be integrated to existing company policies and marketing strategies and must be managed efficiently for it to be profitable.
    Finding your way through the numerous services, software offers, hardware options and so on is not always easy since much of the information is found in numerous places and is very technical. Added to that, there are several myths that make the Internet appear intimidating. In addition, the security aspect is crucial, both for businesses and customers. All these dimensions bring new challenges to integrating the Internet into regular business operations and taking full advantage of what it has to offer.
    Leading Your Company Into the Future With Internet is a comprehensive guide that provides a step-by-step method to managers who want to implement and use this new medium to bring their companies into the future. It is geared towards managers of all levels who want to take full advantage of the potential the Internet has to offer.

    The Network
    Who are the Users?
    Internet Services
    Additional Internet Features and Potential Services
    Commercial Opportunities on the Internet
    Electronic Publishing
    Private Use for Corporate Purposes
    Establishing Contact with Your Clients
    Equipment and Software
    Understanding the Web Page
    Where to Start?
    Installing Your Website on the Internet
    Protecting Your Precious Data
    Finding the Right Provider
    of Internet Services
    Promoting Your Web Site
    Taking Care of Business
    Business Ethics
    Making Your Business Evolve on the Internet
    What Does the Future Hold?


    Danielle Vallee

    "This well-written primer is a good starting place for anyone completely unfamiliar with the Internet and basic computer technology"
    -N. Gersony, Choice, January 2000
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