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Legitimation Code Theory: Knowledge-Building in Research and Practice

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Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) first emerged as a framework for the study of knowledge and education and is now being used to analyse a growing range of different practices. It builds on the ideas of Bernstein and Bourdieu and integrates insights from diverse fields including linguistics, literary criticism, physics and anthropology. Taking an innovative multidisciplinary approach, this series presents work that uses LCT to explore and generate knowledge-building in education. The books focus on everything from cutting-edge developments in theory to new forms of educational practice, and spring from a wide range of disciplines – from physics to ballet, and dentistry to design.

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Teaching Science Knowledge, Language and Pedagogy

Teaching Science: Knowledge, Language and Pedagogy

1st Edition


Karl Maton, J.R. Martin, Y.J. Doran
April 15, 2021

Science has never been more important, yet science education faces serious challenges. At present, science education research only sees half the picture, focusing on how students learn and their changing conceptions. Both teaching practice and what is taught, science knowledge itself, are missing. ...

Turning Access into Success Improving University Education with Legitimation Code Theory

Turning Access into Success: Improving University Education with Legitimation Code Theory

1st Edition


Sherran Clarence
March 08, 2021

Teaching is crucial for supporting students’ chances of success in higher education, yet often university teaching offers abstract theory. Theorized yet practical ways of empowering university educators are needed to develop their practices and turn access into success for their students. This book...

Building Knowledge in Higher Education Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Legitimation Code Theory

Building Knowledge in Higher Education: Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Legitimation Code Theory

1st Edition

Christine Winberg, Sioux McKenna, Kirstin Wilmot
July 10, 2020

From pressures to become economically efficient to calls to act as an agent of progressive social change, higher education is facing a series of challenges. There is an urgent need for a rigorous and sophisticated research base to support the informed development of practices. Yet studies of ...

Accessing Academic Discourse Systemic Functional Linguistics and Legitimation Code Theory

Accessing Academic Discourse: Systemic Functional Linguistics and Legitimation Code Theory

1st Edition

J. R. Martin, Karl Maton, Y. J. Doran
November 21, 2019

Academic discourse is the gateway not only to educational success but to worlds of imagination, discovery and accumulated wisdom. Understanding the nature of academic discourse and developing ways of helping everyone access, shape and change this knowledge is critical to supporting social justice. ...

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